When it comes to ultimate storage for your own convenience, Lock & Lock designs exceptional storage products that enhance your lifestyle as a whole. Read more about Lock & Lock Singapore here to find out.

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Lock & Lock Singapore - Empowering Your Kitchen & Living Culture

Although the world continues to move forward with exciting technologies and innovations, it seems that nothing has changed for plastic containers which you use to store your food and ingredients so that they remain fresh for longer period of time. After all, the use of the airtight plastic containers does not really require that high level of technology since they are just simple plastic boxes with resealable lids and you can use them reasonably well. It should end well until you are facing a serious case of food poisoning! Apparently, you find out that the plastic container boxes that you are using are simply not tight enough to protect your food from germs and other nasty elements around. However, you do not need to worry anymore with Lock & Lock products.

Renowned for offering complete protection for your stored food and ingredients, Lock & Lock airtight plastic containers are definitely the perfect solution to your modern day living. Aside from manufacturing airtight plastic containers, Lock & Lock also offers an amazing array of cutlery, cookware and other kitchen storage products. Just as Lock & Lock Singapore desires to be the one that empowers your kitchen & living culture, so too its awesome products are going to transform your life for better.

About Lock & Lock - All About Creating New Values In Life

It has been a meaningful start when the founder of Lock & Lock, Kim Joon-Il, did not dream of building a worldwide brand when he initially focuses on the domestic market of South Korea. Founded as early as 1978, Lock & Lock emerges as one of the leading brands when it comes to designing and producing exceptional airtight containers especially in the kitchens. Looking at its almost 3 decades of history, Lock & Lock has certainly came a long way before achieving such well-established reputation. During its early days, Lock & Lock has been successful in establishing stronger ties and partnerships with some of noted manufacturers in order to develop its own superior products that were able to meet the exacting specifications. As a result, Lock & Lock was going to rewrite the history of plastic containers with its revolutionary 4-side-locked system mechanism.

When Lock & Lock first released its airtight plastic containers which used such marvelous mechanism, people immediately discovered that these containers were able to keep their content better in many ways that the other brands are unable to. As such, its popularity just grew to a point that Lock & Lock has to expand in order to keep up with the growing demand. Thanks to its innovation, Lock & Lock was able to stand to-toe-to with established plastic air container brands around the world. Growing from strength to strength, Lock & Lock established many offices around the world as it has decided the time was ripe for its grand plan of expansion. At the same time, Lock & Lock also designed and produced a growing variety of different products such as cookware, cutlery and others in order to provide a more comprehensive list to its loyal customers. As of now, Lock & Lock exports to more than 112 countries. Even now, Lock & Lock still prepares to launch many amazing products for its customers in the future as it is all about creating new values in life.

It is What You Need In Life Right Now

The Amazing 4-Side Locked System Mechanism

Once Lock & Lock released its airtight container plastic boxes that featured the incredible 4-side-locked system mechanism, Lock & Lock received more than just overwhelming responses from people who buy them. In fact, these Lock & Lock products are so popular that they had been making headlines especially in South Korea. This is pretty amazing as you will not expect an airtight plastic container to enjoy such wide coverage. Yet, Lock & Lock airtight plastic containers stand out from the rest because they are smell proof, watertight and leakproof at the same time.

Such thing is possible as 4-side-locked system mechanism completely seals the whole container to prevent the moisture from seeping inside the container. Basically, this 4 clip-on locks system keeps your stored food and ingredients to remain fresh for a very long time since they are not exposed to moisture. More often not, normal plastic container boxes are generally not that tight enough to prevent moisture from entering inside. Even if when they are to prevent the moisture, most of them are not well-designed enough to prevent their content from spilling or leaking out. When that happens, it is definitely a nightmare as you have to clean up the mess. As for Lock & Lock plastic containers, they can prevent spillage as 4 clip-on locks close them tightly and securely.

Always Looking To Be Better

Throughout its history, Lock & Lock has been investing a lot to make its products to be more different than others so that it is always to solve your problems in a creative manner. According to Lock & Lock, it launches more than 700 different products annually and this also means that it develops 2 different products daily. At the same time, Lock & Lock is also very active in researching and developing new materials that can be used in upgrading its line of products to be better, stronger and more durable. Moreover, it has taken keen interest in making sure that all of its products to be having that same high quality so that anyone around the world can experience them. In short, Lock & Lock always looking for ways to enhance its products so that you can benefit from them in your daily use.

Popular Lock & Lock Products That Make The Real Difference

Featuring tons of amazing products that cater to your needs, Lock & Lock is all about creating new values in life by creating and designing products that make your to be as convenience as possible. In addition, versatility is the strong theme of Lock & Lock when you are talking about its products. This just means all of them are amazing products that not only work well, but also being able to fit with your modern kitchen effortlessly.

Lock & Lock Airtight Containers

Having such reputation that brings Lock & Lock to its success, the Lock & Lock Airtight containers are famous for being smell proof, leakproof and watertight at the same time. While we know the importance of storing your food and other content in order to keep them fresh for cooking or consumption, another aspect that is always being overlooked by lots of people is about being smell proof. The ability of this Lock & Lock product in preventing the smell of the content inside from going out is actually very important as it makes sure that the smell did not get spread in confined spaces such as refrigerator, cabinet or other places where you put your containers.

Lock & Lock Water Containers

Just as water is essential to everything that includes cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, so too Lock & Lock Water Containers are important in ensuring that your water remains clean and fresh at all times. Their designs are simple yet effective in protecting your clean water from other elements and preven them from spilling out especially when you open your refrigerator door.

Lock & Lock Smart Saver Handy

Aptly named, this Lock & Lock Smart Saver Handy utilizes the time-honored method of vacuum packing in ensuring your packed food and ingredients to remain fresh despite being stored in the refrigerator. Even if you prefer plastic bags in storing your fruits and vegetables inside the refrigerator, they are unable to help you in keeping them fresh as some of them even lose their freshness inside the refrigerator! With Lock & Lock Smart Saver Handy, you now do not have to worry anymore as you can pack them inside and put it in the refrigerator where they will remain fresh and edible for a very long time.

Lock & Lock Glass

As it is made of heat-resistance glass, Lock & Lock Glass enables it to be used everywhere. Thanks to its incredibly durable glass, you can put it inside the oven without any worries. Despite its look, it is actually a lot lighter than what you normally expect.

Always Being Real, Always Lock & Lock

When you use Lock & Lock products to store your food and ingredients, you will be thrilled to discover that they are really handy as they allow you to organize them to fit inside your kitchen. In fact, all of them are designed to be space-saving designs that you can enjoy. If you love Lock & Lock products, you should take a look at Lock & Lock home & living for latest Lock & Lock products!