Logitech Singapore - that's the household name of computer mice and keyboard. Oh, and don't forget their computer speakers. Affordable and reliable, Logitech's products appeal to a variety of target audience. Whether you need a mouse and keyboard for work in the office or home, or a cool gaming mouse and keyboard to just kick back and play some games, Logitech Singapore is the brand for you.

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Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam

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Logitech Singapore - Bringing technology to you

About Logitech Singapore

Logitech has provided computer users with a dependable line of computer mice and keyboards to make interacting and using the computer a much easier task. Starting in 1981 with a basic selection of mice for personal computers, Logitech has since expanded its repertoire of computer accessories to accommodate a whole spectrum of computer users. The Swiss company’s vision was to design personal peripherals that would help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. Currently the world’s most popular mouse brand for personal computers, Logitech started off mass-marketing computer mice for everyday use and have since expanded their designs to a wide variety of computer products.

Logitech Peripherals

Each Logitech mouse, keyboard, speaker, and headphones are made with practicality and function in mind. The best ergonomics, the best reliability, the best value, and the no-frills back-to-basics-it-works functionality are what makes a Logitech product so good. If you prefer a PC for work use, you want a simple, elegant mouse that matches your computer's aesthetics. If you’re an avid gamer, you may look for a performance mouse with sophisticated settings, such as the G502 Proteus Core. Tablet users, on the other hand, may look for a portable keyboard and wireless mouse with viable Bluetooth connections for quick pairing and reliability. Here are some reasons why Logitech is so popular.

  • Reliable products; seriously, when was the last time you had to change the batteries on that little Logitech wireless mouse? It's no doubt that the last time you changed it was a few months ago. And their peripherals can take a beating too!
  • Affordable prices - yes, they've got expensive products too, like the newly released Logitech G Artemis Spectrum headset, which has amazing sound, by the way. But the majority of the more typical Logitech products are very affordable with good value.
  • Intuitive design and features are also a hallmark of Logitech's mice and keyboards; all of their mice and keyboards feel natural and very familiar in the hand - easily used by everyone. Features such as extra programmable buttons on mice for the thumb also bring extras to the table further usability for productivity.

Here some of the most well known Logitech mice and keyboards:

  1. M185: a compact and wireless mouse (via USB dongle) that runs on a single AA battery with 12 months battery life.
  2. M337: a slightly larger and more ergonomic Bluetooth wireless mouse with a tilt-scroll wheel.
  3. MX Anywhere 2: As its name suggests, this mouse can run on any surface with Logitech's own Darkfield laser technology. A bit of a premium mouse, its Bluetooth wireless and can be paired with up to three devices; features an interchangeable smooth or step-scroll wheel; two thumb programmable buttons.
  4. Classic Keyboard K100: Basic plug-and-play keyboard, we all know that we have probably owned this keyboard at least once in our life.
  5. Keyboard K120: Full sized keyboard with spill-resistant design and very quiet membrane keys; suitable for those who might be a little afraid to spill their drink while working (or playing).

Logitech G - Science always wins.

No computer peripheral brand would be complete without a gaming division or a gaming brand in the company. For Logitech, this takes the form of the gaming brand, Logitech G. Logitech G designs and produces one of the best gaming peripherals and software, having have had many years of experience in building other basic computer mice and keyboards gave Logitech a great head start in developing gaming accessories that their competitors wouldn't have.

Logitech G's motto, "Science Wins" is a very direct explanation of that head start that is one of Logitech's advantages. Every one of the Logitech G's gaming peripheral goes through a lot of research and development in the field of gaming. The mouse clicks, the key presses on your keyboard, the extra macro buttons, the ergonomic shapes of the mice and keyboard keycaps - all of these and more are carefully studied and developed in many ways that it would seem very much like a scientific research project.

It is through these lengths and highly detailed processes of research and development that we can now enjoy the various Logitech G gaming mice and keyboards in our games, knowing that these bad-ass peripherals are reliable and they that they will not fail on you in the middle of some intense firefight.

Curious what kind of heat Logitech packs with their Logitech G brand?

Logitech G602: Wireless gaming mouse via USB dongle with a polling rate of 500 Hz; it also features 11 programmable buttons and an amazing battery life of 250 hours of continuous gaming!

Logitech G502 Proteus Core: A very unique wired mouse in the sense that it can be calibrated to any surface that you may be using your mouse for; it also features a balancing and weighting system which can be adjusted to suit your preference.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury: I don't know where Logitech is getting the names, but their mice's names are really cool - but enough about the names, the Hyperion Fury is a high DPI mouse suitable for those who play First-Person Shooters often.

Logitech G910 Orion Spark: Logitech's own RGB mechanical keyboard that uses their own in-house design Romer-G switches for gaming. Their RGB lighting can project colours in areas mapped personally by you, maybe you'd like your WASD keys to light up, but not the rest of your keyboard? Done. The keycaps also feature unique contours to help your finger find its way to depress the keys more efficiently - no more throwing a grenade to your team when all you wanted to do was to reload.