Logitech keyboards are one of the most reliable and common keyboard brands out there. They come in many different models with differing sets of features for many different types of users. They are also very durable and affordable! Read more about Logitech keyboards below.

Logitech MK315 Silent Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Quiet and durable wireless mouse and keyboard set Logitech Non Unifying (2.4 Ghz) with Nano USB Receiver Splash-proof design Mute Keyboard and Mouse Work or games don't bother people around you, with Logitech MK315 Silent Wireless Combo's quieter keyboard knocks and imperceptible mouse clicks and wheel sounds. Comfortable Operation Your Logitech MK315 Silent Wireless Combo's classic full-size keyboard layout with adjustable input angles (2° and 8°) provides a stable and comfortable experience with a mouse that fits the palm of your hand. Durable Suit Durable construction, keyboard keyshaft with 5 million click-throughs, splash-proof design and long battery life dramatically reduce operating costs. Reliable Wireless Connection Your Logitech MK315 Silent Wireless Combo comes with a compact USB receiver which provides you with an easy and reliable wireless connection with a connection range of upto 10 meters (Wireless range varies by environment and calculation conditions). What Comes in the Box 1 X Keyboard 1 X Mouse 1 X Nano-Receiver 2 X AAA (Keyboard) Batteries 1 X AA (Mouse) Battery 1 X User Documentation Warranty One-Year Limited Hardware Warranty Keybord/Mouse/Receiver Dimensions Length: 43.55 cm/10.54 cm/1.87 cm Width: 13.75 cm/6.79 cm/1.44 cm Height: 2.05 cm/3.84 cm/0.66 cm Weight: 475 gm/91 gm/2 gm Technical Specifications Connection Type: Logitech Non Unifying (2.4 Ghz) with Nano USB Receiver Wireless range: 10 meters Keyboard Low profile button Adjustable keyboard height (2° and 8°) Battery: 2 AAA batteries Battery life (non-rechargeable): 36 months Special buttons: 15 function keys can be used with the “fn” button Mouse Reduce click sound Power switch button High precision optical tracking Battery: 1 AA battery Battery life (non-rechargeable): 24 months Works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or higher USB port UPC Code 097855144850 S$ 42.00
Logitech MK545 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Highlights from Logitech MK545 Reviews Full-size keyboard features a familiar key shape, size and feeling Full-size, contoured mouse provides comfort for hours The keyboard is spill resistant to 60 ml of liquid Instantly Familiar. Simply Advanced. Logitech MK545 Advanced Combo is an instantly familiar wireless keyboard and mouse combo built for precision , comfort and reliability . Plug And Play Wireless Combo Connect your Logitech MK545 Advanced Combo with one tiny Logitech Unifying USB receiver. You’ll get a reliable and encrypted wireless connection upto 10 meters away with virtually no delays or dropouts. Familiar Typing Experience Logitech MK545 Advanced Combo's keyboard keys have been optimized for improved accuracy and reduced noise, your fingers will immediately feel at home on the familiar key surface and layout. The textured palm rest and adjustable tilt legs keep you comfortable for long stretches at the desk. Contoured Comfort Mouse Logitech MK545 Advanced Combo's wireless mouse features contoured shape and soft rubber side grips which are designed to fit comfortably in your palm. Laser-grade tracking , side-to-side scrolling and back/forward buttons keep you in command. Productivity At Your Fingertips Convenient and essential hot keys give you direct access to media, calculator and battery check functions. Preset Fn keys can even be personalized in Logitech Options to meet your specific needs. Reliable And Hassle-Free Some advantages of Logitech MK545 Advanced Combo are: The keyboard won’t require new batteries for 36 months (Keyboard battery life calculation based on an estimated two million keystrokes/year in an office environment. User experience may vary) Your mouse stays powered for 24 months (Mouse battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions) Abrasion resistant key printing ensures your keys won’t quickly fade What Comes in the Box 1 X Wireless Keyboard K545 1 X Wireless Mouse M510 1 X Logitech Unifying Receiver 4 X AA Alkaline Batteries (Pre-installed) 1 X User Documentation Warranty One-Year Local Singapore Limited Hardware Warranty Keyboard/Mouse Dimensions Length: 45.73 cm/12.00 cm Breadth: 19.35 cm/6.50 cm Height: 2.40 cm/4.10 cm Weight: 805 gm/83 gm (Without batteries) Keyboard Specifications 36-month keyboard battery life Familiar key shape and feel, whisper-quiet 3 tilt positions (natural, 4°, and 8°) Spill resistant design Abrasion resistant key print Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless (10 meters) Wireless encryption Tiny USB receiver with Logitech Unifying Technology On/off power switch Caps lock indicator light Battery indicator light Wireless Keyboard K545: 2 X AA alkaline batteries (pre-installed) Mouse Specifications 24-month mouse battery life Contoured shape with soft rubber grips Full-size and ambidextrous shape Laser-grade tracking 7 buttons, scroll wheel On/off power switch Battery indicator light Wireless Mouse M510: 2 X AA alkaline batteries (pre-installed) Works with Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7 Chrome OS UPC Code 097855137326 S$ 69.00

Top Logitech Keyboards Price List 2019

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Logitech K380 S$ 39.00 Qoo10
Logitech K480 S$ 4.90 Taobao
Logitech G613 S$ 109.00 Lazada
Logitech G213 S$ 59.00 Lazada
Logitech K780 S$ 59.00 Qoo10
Logitech MK345 S$ 43.50 Qoo10
Logitech K375s S$ 29.00 Lazada
Logitech K120 S$ 8.30 Taobao
Logitech MK220 S$ 27.75 Lazada
Logitech K270 S$ 30.30 Taobao
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Logitech K380

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About Logitech

Logitech is a Swiss electronics peripheral company that started in 1981. They first became famous and well-known because of their cheap and cheerful computer mouse. Everyone knows Logitech for their high quality and affordable peripherals as almost every home all around the world will have seen and felt the product of Logitech at some point.

Logitech's products have always been at the forefront of basic and simple computer accessories, especially so for the typical consumers who are not so well versed in computer technology. In fact, most consumers who are not so tech-savvy will probably opt for Logitech as their products look very simple and user-friendly. All of their products are also very dependable, as there has been no doubt that quite a number of Logitech products have survived for years in use. Just take a look around and you will see a Logitech device.

Logitech Keyboards - How Good Are They?

Although the first computer accessory product that pops into the minds of many people when Logitech is mentioned is the computer mouse, their keyboards are also one of their better products, with many intuitive features and affordable pricing. So what makes Logitech keyboards a good choice for many users, whether tech-savvy or not?

  • Logitech makes very reliable products: They are hardy and take a lot of beating before they even break (if they do at all). They also do not easily break during the usual wear and tear through the long times of use.
  • Not only are they reliable, but Logitech products are also very affordable. They have very simple and affordable keyboards, but they also have higher end keyboards for their gaming line – which are pretty reasonable as well as you are getting a lot of features for that price.
  • Intuitive designs and features are also a hallmark of Logitech's keyboards. Their keyboards feel natural and are ergonomically made to suit our hands. The keyboards also all use layouts that are familiar to everyone so that there will be little to no learning curve.
  • All Logitech products, keyboards included, feature plug-and-play functionality which means that we can use the peripherals without the need to install any specific software. Although unnecessary, users may choose to install the software to unlock extra features in their Logitech keyboard.

The different Logitech keyboard models

Logitech has as many keyboards as they do with their mice, and each one is made with a unique set of features and also caters to different users.

  • MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: A wireless full-size keyboard and mouse set that is simple to use and simple to install.
  • Wireless Solar Keyboard K750R: A wireless full-size keyboard that is powered by solar panels for virtually unlimited battery life.
  • K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth keyboard: A compact wireless keyboard that can connect to many different devices at the switch of a button.
  • G810 Orion Spectrum: A full-size mechanical gaming keyboard that has built-in RGB backlighting that is customizable to up to 16.8 million different colors.
  • G310 Atlas Dawn: A compact tenkeyless gaming mechanical keyboard with a dock for your smartphone.

Whether for gaming, daily use, or for work, Logitech keyboards always does the job right, in a functional and affordable manner too.