Take a walk just around your neighbourhood and you are sure to spot 1, 5 or even 15 women with their Longchamp arm candy. Suddenly it feels like Longchamp is giving out their bags for free since everyone, old and young has one or more. So, what is this bag about and why is it loved by everyone? Read more about Longchamp bags and find out more in the article below.


Reasons Why Longchamp is a Bag Loved by Many Women

The brand that hails all the way from France, has indeed taken the world of fashion by surprise. Longchamp was first established in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain began their journey in the world of tobacco and leather accessories of smokers before realizing that their fate lies in the fashion industry. Today, other than their iconic La Pliage bag that everyone adores, Longchamp offers just about everything else for men and women, from bags to shoes and even ready to wear items that are just so practical and in-trend.

The Longchamp Le Pliage

One of the reasons why Longchamp is a preferred brand by many women is because of their iconic Le Pliage bag. What's in this handbag that makes women go crazy for it? Practicality meets fashion. The Longchamp Le Pliage is a landscape tote bag designed to be practical for modern women. It has a medium to a large compartment that allows you to carry all your necessary items in one go. Thanks to its design, it is also compact and foldable, plus it is also waterproof and comes in a wide selection of colours to choose from.

It comes in a variety of sizes and colours. This design is available in 12 different shades but their black, brown and dark blue bags will always be the most adored ones. The Le Pliage is designed with 2 different handles, short and long, and in 5 different sizes - Small, Medium, Large, X-large and Open Tote. Your whole collection of bags can be from Longchamp with just the Le Pliage, from backpacks and travel bags to tote and crossbody bags.

The bag was inspired by the Japanese art of ‘origami’, focusing on the elements of it being weightless and its functionality as a bag that can be folded and stored away easily. Even the name Le Pliage literally means “the folding”, making the Longchamp Le Pliage an iconic bag for women all over the globe.

Kate Moss is the brand’s icon. Nuff said.

Did we tell you that the Le Pliage was recreated as a limited edition collection by famous names in the fashion industry like Jeremy Scott, Kate Moss, Sarah Morris, Charles Anastase, designer duo, Bless and Mary Katrantzou? With its star-studded clients, you can't help but fall in love with their amazing bag collections.

Aside from Le Pliage, What are the other popular Longchamp bags?

If you don’t fancy the Le Pliage (which will never happen, but if), Longchamp bags have other creatures that made a lasting impression in the fashion industry. Listed below are some of the brand's best bag collections for women:

LM Metal

The design part is nearly the same as the Le Pliage in both shape and size. But this bag oozes the aura of rock ‘n’ roll. The diamond pattern on the metallic screen of the cotton canvas bag is what makes this bag a statement piece. Get yours now, available in platinum, black and dark blue.

Le Pliage Cuir

When you mix the Le Pliage and the Cuir, what you get is an outstanding piece that is gorgeous, durable and spacious in the form of a Le Pliage Cuir. This bag is created in lamb and goatskin leather which makes this bag extremely soft and supple. If you have a long-lasting love affair with handbags, then the Le Pliage Cuir is a must-have! If you are having problems choosing between sizes, get it all, for one can never have too many Le Pliage Cuir.


This equestrian-inspired handbag is created for those who can’t take messiness, those with superb organizational skills. This sturdy handbag is composed of two compartments, one with a zip and without it for you to keep all your necessities in order. Use it as a handbag or a crossbody bag, the choice is yours, but either way, you can never go wrong with this bag.

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Are Longchamp bags of good quality?

Longchamp bags are made with the highest quality of leather and canvas that would ensure longevity and reliability.

Is Longchamp a luxury brand?

Longchamp is considered a luxury brand on the same level as Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. While the price of Longchamp bags is slightly more affordable than most high-fashion brands, the quality of these bags is similar.

Can you buy Longchamp Singapore bags online?

Longchamp does not have an official online store in Singapore. However, you can purchase original and authentic Longchamp bags from online merchants like Style Tribute, Farfetch, and more. When buying a Longchamp bag online, ask for a proof of authenticity from your seller.

How much does Longchamp bag cost?

Top Longchamp Bag Collection



Longchamp 20 Colors Neo Series

S$ 55.90


Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Club Tote Bag 1623619 Large Club Tote Bag 1899619

S$ 190.00


Longchamp 100% Authentic Neo Series 1515

S$ 65.00


Longchamp Large Shoulder Bag for Women

S$ 60.00


Longchamp Le Pliage Club Series Shoulder Bag

S$ 99.00


Longchamp 2019 2324 Messenger Bag Le Pliage Nylon Shoulder Bag for Women and Men

S$ 70.00


Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Tote

S$ 100.00

Style Tribute

Longchamp New Women Folded Fashion Handbags Ladies Handbags

S$ 66.00


Longchamp 2019 New Leather Women Bag/Short Handle with Strap Tote Bag Authentic

S$ 195.00


Longchamp 18 New 70th Horse Le Pliage Nylon Tote Bag Shoulder Bag (Long Handle)

S$ 75.00


Can I put Longchamp in the washing machine?

Yes, machine washing is one of the cleaning methods for Longchamp bags. Place the bag in a net before running the laundry cycle. Use 60ml (or 1/4 cup) of mild detergent, set the machine to a gentle setting - either “delicate”, “gentle” or “hand wash” cycle, and adjust the water temperature to “cool”. After the cycle, hang the bag straps up and let it air dry for hours. Finish the cleaning process by applying a layer of leather conditioner on the leather portions of the bag for extra protection.

What is the difference between Longchamp Le Pliage and Neo?

The main difference between Longchamp Le Pliage and Le Pliage Neo lies in the material and foldability. The Neo is made of thicker canvas material, making it hard to be folded up into a compact square size like the regular Le Pliage. Plus, the Neo lacks a snap for securing the bag’s shape once it’s folded. Although the Neo carries a shorter top handle than the Le Pliage, it provides the option to add a detachable strap to the sides for easy carrying.

Do Longchamp bags have serial numbers?

Yes, when you’re performing authentication, keep in mind that a serial number is one of the crucial elements that shouldn’t be missing on the bag. The serial number can be found on the white tag inside the bag. Compare the serial number with the one found on the plastic bag that wraps up your Longchamp piece to see if they match.