Developed with Japan's Advanced R&D, Magiclean is a brand known for producing cleaning & housekeeping supplies specially for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of a home. Browse our wide array of Magiclean products here including stain & mould remover, bathroom cleaner, toilet bleach power cleaner, fabric freshener, dishwashing foam, wiper sheets, floor cleaners, and more.

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All You Need to Know About Magic Clean Singapore

Magiclean Bathroom Range

Magiclean Bathroom Cleaner

Magiclean Bathroom Cleaner makes cleaning the bathroom an absolute breeze! Formulated with instant stain-dissolving foam power developed by advanced Japan R&D, the new and improved formula has 50% increased cleansing power and also dissolves away soap scum without scrubbing!


• Washbasin tops

• Around the whole bathroom

Magiclean Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner

Magiclean Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner keeps your bathroom looking as good as it smells! Formulated with instant stain-dissolving foam power developed by advanced Japan R&D, it effectively dissolves away tough dirt with a lasting shine while leaving behind a fresh lavender fragrance!


• Bathroom sinks, taps and showerhead

• Around the whole bathroom

Magiclean Stain & Mold Remover

Mould is a fungus that grows in environments with long exposure to moisture, typically in bathrooms. It grows by extending roots into surface matters, and most ordinary cleaners are unable to remove them effectively.

Magiclean Stain & Mold Remover is formulated with a strong penetrative foam formula that gets rid of black mould and stains in just 5 minutes. Just spray on and rinse, no scrubbing needed!

Magiclean Handy Duster Range

Keeping the house dust-free has never been this easy. Designed with highly absorbent fibres, the Magiclean Handy Duster is able to pick up, trap and hold even the finest dust. No more fly-away dust! Take cleaning to a whole new level with Magiclean’s Handy Duster Extendable which extends from 46cm to 95cm.


• TV/LCD screen, TV console

• Decorative items and ornaments

• Bookshelves, cupboards and cabinets

• Ceiling fans

• Hung-up decorative items and paintings

• Aircons

• Top of wardrobes

Where to buy Magiclean products in Singapore?

Aside from your local supermarts, you can purchase Magiclean products without leaving your doorstep. The brand's cleaning supplies are available on e-marketplaces such as Amazon, Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee at affordable prices. Buying them in bulk is often more worth the price.