Dutch ice cream brand, Magnum, offers delectable desserts that are sought-after not only by children but also adults. Learn about some surprising health benefits of eating Magnum ice cream bars by reading the article below.


9 Surprising Benefits of Ice Cream Bars with Magnum Singapore

As a famous dessert, ice cream bars such as those from Magnum Singapore are mostly liked by both children and adults because of their delicious chocolate and vanilla bean taste. Surprisingly, they have many health benefits, as long as they’re eaten in moderation. Here are reasons why you should get an ice cream bar to treat yourself or somebody else.

Strengthens Your Bones and Teeth

Magnum ice cream bars in Singapore contain a dairy base, which means it’s made up of milk. With that, ice cream bars are rich in calcium that is essential for strengthening bones and for boosting up energy. Also, the calcium in ice cream bars creates a layer of protection on your teeth and builds stronger gums. Since you can get stronger bones and teeth with ice cream bars, there’s no reason to think twice before treating yourself with one.

Provides A Burst of Energy

Aside from the health benefits Magnum ice cream bars provide, they are a great source of energy. Ice cream bars contain essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins – all of which help in producing energy. Not to mention, the protein found in Magnum ice cream helps the body improve bones, muscles, blood, skin, and cartilage. Since the body doesn't make protein, food and dietary supplements with large amounts of protein like ice cream are essential. When eaten in moderation, ice cream can be one of the best food options that can help restore the body's protein supply.

Moreover, for those who exercise regularly, Magnum ice cream can serve as an after workout snack to foster muscle building and tissue recovery. When adding healthy vegetables, fruits, dietary supplements, and nuts, ice cream can be a great smoothie for recovery after an exhausting workout session.

A Rich Source of Vitamins

Magnum ice cream bars in Singapore are a great source of vitamins such as A, B-6, B-12, D, E, and K. Vitamin A enhances your eyesight and improves your immune system; Vitamins B6 and B12 help maintain a healthy metabolism, nerve function, liver function, and much more; Vitamin D absorbs essential minerals like calcium and stores them in the kidneys, and Vitamin K increases the flow of blood in the body.

Helps You Lose Weight

This is too good to be true, but it is! Ice cream bars help lose weight by increasing your body temperature. To explain this further: your body warms anything cold that enters it. As your body temperature adjusts, your body burns calories and fats. Do keep in mind that you will only lose weight that way if you eat ice cream bars in moderation.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

The calcium found in ice cream bars not only improves bones and teeth but also reduces the risk of colon cancer. Calcium is also a mineral that guards high-risk people against developing polyps that can result in colon cancers.

Improves Mood

Magnum ice cream bars in Singapore are known for their mood-boosting effects, making consumers happy. Eating one stimulates the brain chemical, Thrombotonin, also known as Serotonin, which is important in learning, sleep, and overall mood. Aside from Serotonin, Dopamine is another brain chemical that is released by the brain when you eat ice cream. This chemical functions as a natural mood booster and is essential for pleasure and elation.

Helps Fight Infertility

According to a Harvard study, consuming an ice cream bar may increase the likelihood of having a baby. The study analyzed the eating habits of more than 18,000 women between the ages of 24 and 42. Those who ate ice cream twice or thrice a week had a lower risk of ovulation-related infertility at 38%, unlike women who consumed full-fat ice cream less than once a week.

Boosts Sex Drive

Ice cream bar may be the answer for those who need help between the sheets. This is because it contains significant amounts of calcium and phosphorus, both of which are essential for building your muscles’ energy reserves and boosting your libido. Also, experts believe that vanilla-flavoured ice cream helps increase arousal in women. So, if you’re a woman, it's best to choose vanilla over other flavours.

Calms Your Nerves

Another benefit to eating Magnum ice cream bars is that it’s comforting. If you feel miserable after a breakup, a box of Kleenex and a Magnum ice cream bar by your side will improve your mood. Despite its cool temperature, ice cream is the warmest and fuzziest treat on Earth. So, if you’re stressed about a work deadline, indulge in a scoop of Magnum ice cream to calm your morning nerves.

Irresistible Magnum Ice Cream Bar Flavours for Pleasure Seekers


As the signature of all Magnum ice creams, it is made with original Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream, covered in a rich Belgian chocolate cracking shell, the classic flavour is a great delightful treat for anyone. After all, you can never go wrong with the classic flavour for any dessert or sweet treats you’re trying for the first time.


This one is popular among those who enjoy milk chocolate flavour with crunchy bits on the outer layer when savouring ice cream. Made with original Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream, coated with cracking milk chocolate shell, and garnished with crunchy sea salt roasted almonds, Magnum’s almond ice cream is a smooth blend of sweet and savoury.


When it comes to controversial food opinions, mint-flavoured ice cream will always be at the top of the list. People either love or hate it. Magnum’s Mint ice cream has just the right amount of mint flavour that isn’t overpowering. It’s luscious, velvety smooth, which makes a perfect balance of flavour when encased in Magnum’s rich chocolate shell.


Underneath a cracking white chocolate shell is creamy and silky-smooth vanilla bean ice cream that ensures a decadent experience with every bite. The white chocolate Magnum ice cream bar is made with Belgian chocolate and 32% cacao.

Intense Dark

This is for those who love indulging in dark chocolates - the bitter the better. Coated with a thick layer of dark Magnum chocolate with 70% cocoa, this ice cream has a hint of smokiness alongside strong cocoa flavour. It’s regarded as a healthier option for those who want a satisfying treat with low sugar content.

Magnum Ice Cream Price in Singapore

Magnum Ice Cream


Magnum Mini - Classic / Almond

S$ 10.50

Magnum Classic Pint 440ml

S$ 12.90

Magnum Mini Ice Cream Package (Bundle of 4 and 1 cooler bag)

S$ 41.85

Magnum White Pint 440ml

S$ 12.90

Magnum Mini - Classic / Almond / Mint / Intense Dark (Bundle of 3)

S$ 27.90

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