In order to achieve a certain look, sometimes you need extra help from beauty tools and there’s no shame in that. Using eyelid tapes can alter your appearance without overdoing it. Read more about the available eyelid tape in Malaysia and how to apply them easily.

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How to Apply Eyelid Tape in Malaysia

Eyelid tapes, sometimes referred to as double eyelid tapes, are an essential beauty tool, especially in Asia. This is due to the fact that many Asian women have monolid eyes and the tapes can help them achieve the double eyelid look. A double eyelid makes it easier for you to apply eyeshadows and eyeliner. It also gives the illusion of bigger, deep-set eyes.

Different Types of Eyelid Tape

There are three main types of double eyelid tapes that you can choose from. If you have thicker lids, opt for double-sided eyelid tape and single-sided tape if you have thinner lids. Fiber tapes are perfect if you don’t want other people to know you’re wearing eyelid tapes, as they create a natural crease whenever your eyes are open.

You should also watch out for the materials of these eyelid tapes. Choose tapes that are easy to conceal with makeup without caking too much on your lids. You should be able to cover it with a light layer of concealer.

Easy Ways to Apply Eyelid Tapes

Sticking something onto your eyelids for the whole day can seem a little daunting. With the right products and plenty of practice, you’d have nothing to worry about. When applying eyelid tapes you should prepare tools like tweezers, handheld mirrors (preferably ones that can magnify), as well as the eyelid fork and adhesive that usually come with the products.

First, make sure that your eyelids are clean from makeup residue. Use a cotton pad with a makeup remover or your daily toner to clean it. Then, remove the eyelid tape from the packaging and bring the tape up to your lid with tweezers to determine where you want your crease to be. Afterwards, apply the tape adhesive and secure it gently on your lid by using the fork. After the adhesive has dried, you can now cover the tape with a light layer of makeup.

Make sure to always remove your eyelid tape and clean up the adhesive residue by the end of the day. Also, be extra careful with the eyelid fork so you don’t injure your eyes. If you follow all these instructions carefully, using eyelid tape for your daily beauty routine should be a breeze!