Your eyes say a lot about your personality and character. Enhance your look with eye liners. Check out the best eyeliners fro the biggest brands in Malaysia or find out more about what eyeliner suits you best here.

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Style Your Eyes with These Eyeliners

It’s all about the eyes. The eyes are the windows to your soul. It is no wonder why many couples in love would gaze into each other’s eyes. Or as they say, “love at first sight”. Eyes are a part of our face that is easily changed by the application of cosmetics. Today, we are going to focus on one of the many eye cosmetics that can give your eyes a dramatic look: the eyeliner.

The eyeliner has been around as early as 10,000 BC. While it is used to enhance one’s beauty, researchers speculate that Ancient Egyptians used eyeliner as a way to protect the wearer from the evil eye. But of course, these days the eyeliner is more about beauty than being a ward against evil. Here are some eyeliners you can use to style your eyes.

Gel Eye Liner

The gel eyeliner comes packaged in a small pot or tube. You use it by applying it with a brush (angled brush recommended). The highlight of the gel eyeliner is the ability to get clean and precise lines with this thick formulated layer of colour. Its creamy consistency makes it easy to work with.

Liquid Eye Liner

Thanks to its liquidity, this type is perfect for creating clean lines that end with a swoop or flick. It comes in various packaging types – from pens with brush tips to small vials with nail polish-like brushes. Add a little darkness to your lashes with thin, subtle lines to bring out the

Pencil Eye Liner

Perfect for creating that smoky-eyed look, the pencil eyeliner is used just as you would an academic pencil. The mechanism as a pencil isn’t easily smudged (though you may need to invest in a makeup sharpener to keep it suitably pointy). It is great for that everyday look that is not too harsh and ideal for lining your waterline.

Like most other makeup products, eyeliners are available in a variety of colours to let you choose if you want something that can stand out on its own or something that would blend well with your eyeshadow look. From matte to glitter, you will be spoilt for choice!

Your Favourite Eye Liner Brands

There are a huge variety of eyeliners brands for your beauty needs at affordable prices! If you are looking for affordable eyeliners, then have a look at Tony Moly Eye Liner, skinfood, and Etude Houser. If the price is not an issue, then we highly recommend that you take a look at Sephora, Bobbi Brown eyeliners, and Laura Mercier. While you look at those items, why not have a look at other makeup products as well? That way you will have everything you need to look your best!