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Urban Decay Naked Basics S$ 48.80 Shopee
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Urban Decay Naked S$ 51.00 Shopee
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original S$ 26.53 Shopee
Urban Decay Naked Heat S$ 32.60 Shopee
Urban Decay Naked2 S$ 97.50 Strawberrynet
Urban Decay Naked3 S$ 53.30 Shopee
Colourpop You Had Me At Hello S$ 30.60 Shopee
NYX Eye Shadow Base S$ 11.00 Shopee
Colourpop My Little Pony S$ 30.00 Shopee
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Urban Decay Urban Decay Naked Basics

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Bringing drama to your eyes with eyeshadows in Singapore

It is said that the eye is the window to your soul. And just your with your eye, you are able to express different feeling and emotions. Which is the exact reason you need to bring all the attention up to your eyes. In the makeup world, there are different type of ways you can enhance your eyes, - gel liners, pencil liners, contours, primers and even bronzers but the thing that add the “Wow” factor to the window of your soul would definitely be eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow 101

Before you dive in deeper into the beautiful, vibrant and colourful world of eyeshadows, its best to know the basics. Here are some useful tips for those ladies who find eye shadows hard.

  • It’s always best to figure out the shape of your eye so that you can learn about the different shading technique that would work for you – monolid, double lids, hooded eyes, almond eyes, upturned eyes, downturned eyes, deep-set eyes, protruding eyes, close-set eyes, wide-set eyes.
  • Learning the eye lingo would really help so that you know which part is what – hightlight/brow bone, contour/crease, upper lashline, outer V, inner corner, waterline, lower lashline.
  • When you apply your eyeshadow, there are more than one brush involved. Learn what these brushes are for.
    • Large shadow brush – sweep on highlighter
    • Precision shadow brush – pack on pigment
    • Blending shadow brush – soften shadow
    • Blending tip brush – for smoky eye techniques
    • Angled liner brush – tightline the waterline of your eye.
    • Precision liner brush – for the perfect line
    • Smudger brush – diffuse eyeliner
  • Pick the best eyeshadow formula that would give you the look that you want.
  • Do not be stingy on your primer. You wouldn’t want your eyeshadow running down your face.
  • Figure out which shades of your eyeshadow palette are meant for the different part of your eye.
    • Lightest colour – works as a brow bone highlighter
    • Second lightest colour – looks good on your lid
    • Darker colour – works best on your crease
    • Darkest colour – for your outer part of your eye.
  • Duos, trios, quads and quintets all have shadows that are meant for specific purposes. It’s best to figure this out before investing in one.

The many different type of eyeshadows available in Singapore

Though powder eyeshadows have been used for generations to bring drama to the eye, with great innovations and the advancement of technology, we have a wider range of different type of colours to play with.

  • Powder Eyeshadow – this type of dry eyeshadows are perfect for oily skin as it its less likely to crease on your skin, giving you a natural, soft finishing. It is also easier if you want to blend more than one colour on your eyes.
  • Cream eyeshadow – some would prefer this type for its shimmery texture and stays longer on your eyes compared to their powder counterparts. You can easily blend in two different colours when using cream eyeshadow.
  • Stick and Crayon Eyeshadow – offers vibrant, light to full coverage colour. They can also be used as shadow liners for full colour eyeshadows.
  • Loose powder eyeshadow – these shimmery and glittery powders are often easier to apply and honestly, more long lasting. They can also be used for subtle or intense colour combos.

Allowing your eyes to do the talking

Applying eyeshadows never have to be complicated again with these steps.

Two-Colour design

The goal of this common, classic yet chic look is to apply a lighter eyeshadow colour to the lid area and a deeper colour in the crease, blending it upwards. Applying the lighter colour to the entire lid will instantly make your eye larger, creating a rested appearance. You can also reverse this order for those with large eyelids or protruding eyes.

Three-Colour design

Just like the two colour design, with an added third colour for shading effect on the outside corner of the eye.

Four-Colour Design

After the three-colour design, add a fourth colour for a more intense shading. The third colour is typically applied in the crease and slightly on the back corner of the eye. The fourth colour is then added to the back corner. Combined, this look creates shape, shading and movement.

With eyeshadows, there is no fixed rule on how you must apply it. It all depends on your style and creativity. Enjoy experimenting on with these beautiful colours today from brands like Christian Dior, Inglot, NARS, Estee Lauder and more on iprice in Singapore.

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