Omitting powder from your daily makeup routine is a big, fat "don't" in the beauty community. Using the right kind of powder after the application of foundation and concealer will go a long way. Whether you're a self-proclaimed beauty guru or a beginner, it's no matter. You need these. Find out more here.


Boost your confidence with facial powders in Singapore

Nobody wants a greasy makeup. After all the primer, foundation, concealer, and highlighter you used (most of them probably high end and expensive), you want your makeup to be long-lasting. Here are some powder tips and tricks to maximize your facial powder usage.

Pick the right kind of powder to complete your look

Before anything else, you must choose the right kind of powder suitable for your skin tone and skin type. Not all powders are the same, as it can result in different outcomes when applied improperly. Below are just some of the many variations of facial powders.

  1. Compact Powder –Pressed powder is a makeup-lover necessity, especially if you’re young or a beginner. They’re portable and extremely easy to use. Compact powders come in various types, like blotting powder, powder foundation, BB cushion, and SPF powder. Be careful though, using too much pressed powder can result in a cakey appearance, so use it wisely and lightly.
  2. Loose Powder – Loose powders are basically compact powders but with smaller particles. It’s meant for a lighter coverage throughout the face. It can be used by itself for a natural look or to add on to your daily makeup routine. Loose powder is your go-to product if you want to try the baking technique mentioned below.
  3. Finishing Powder – Now this type of powder can come in both compact and loose. Its intended use it to set your face, after all, you’ve done all your makeup, so putting on a little but is enough. It is recommended to use finishing powder before an event or a night out where you will be taking lots of pictures.

Besides these three, you can also choose between translucent powder, HD powder, mineral powder, and setting powder. After you decide which powder is right for you, don’t forget to also choose the right kind of brushes too. Usually, powders are applied using a puff or a brush. Nowadays, though, you could also use a beauty blender or a makeup sponge. Use a fan powder brush to dust off excess powder and a kabuki brush to apply loose powder.

It's not baking powder; it's baking with powder

Socialite and breaker of the Internet, Kim Kardashian, is one of the people responsible for introducing the technique of baking. No, it's not the kind of baking you're familiar with. Instead of baking a cake, you cake on a bunch of setting powder on areas where light would hit your face. These areas are the under eye, forehead, chin, below the cheekbones, and the bridge of the nose. This will set both your highlight and your foundation, and enhance that chiseled look Kimberly is famous for.

The steps are easy: use a damp sponge to put the powder in the areas listed above. While it's 'baking', complete the rest of the face, and at the end, dust the powder off with a kabuki or oval brush. Whether this sounds like your kind of thing, it’s nice to have this trick up your sleeves for when that special day comes.

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