Looking for baby diapers and nappies online? Now you can get the best with MamyPoko in Singapore. Here are some MamyPoko diapers and accessories you might be interested in.


5 MamyPoko diapers and accessories for your little one

Our children are the apple of our eyes. We love them with all our heart and want the very best for them. So can be said for their hygiene and comfort. Today, with MamyPoko diapers in Singapore, you can give your child the very best in nappies and comfort cleaning. MamyPoko, one of the top brands for baby products in Singapore has come up with ingenious ways to keep your child clean while simplifying the process of baby hygiene. Now, with MamyPoko online in Singapore, you can enjoy great discounts on MamyPoko products without the hassle of comparing prices in the supermarket. What’s better is that you won’t have to leave home to purchase the best in MamyPoko products in Singapore. Read more to know about the best products from Mamypoko.

Tush comfort with MamyPoko diaper range

MamyPoko offers a range of baby products for your baby’s diapering needs like diapers, baby wipes, baby shampoo and talcum powder. Here are some of the most popular MamyPoko products in stores today:

1. MamyPoko Extra Dry

One of MamyPoko’s current leading product is the MamyPoko Extra Dry – the diaper that is designed to bring greater joy to both babies and parents alike. Made for all ages of toddlers, from new-borns to pre-schoolers, MamyPoko Extra Dry series offers a snug fit to any little one. With all round protection from leakage along with high level of absorption, MamyPoko Extra Dry keeps baby’s bottom completely dry.

2. MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft

Comfort is optimum with MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft. These top of the line products from MamyPoko offer soft support for baby’s tush. Your child will be able to enjoy the same dry experience as MamyPoko Extra Dry along with soft support. It even comes in Disney-themed designs.

3. MamyPoko Air Fit

Babies are always on the move. We leave them out of our sight for just a minute and they go missing. Thankfully, MamyPoko Air Fit is made for active babies. Stretchable Soft Gathers around the waist allow for unrestricted movement without squeezing too tight on baby’s waist. Perfect for when your little one is moving a lot.

4. MamyPoko MAXI Absorb

Absorption is the main reason why we put diapers on a toddler. We want the best absorption in any nappy brand. MamyPoko MAXI Absorb allows for maximum liquid absorption when baby goes wee-wee or poo-poo. With up to 10 hours of absorbing power, MamyPoko MAXI Absorb is your top choice to keep your little one dry.

5. MamyPoko Wipes

No matter what type of diaper you use, you will need to wipe baby’s butt after he or she goes to the toilet. MamyPoko Wipes allow you to clean baby’s bottom without hassle. With one simple wipe, MamyPoko Wipes clean and disinfect without harmful chemicals. Carry MamyPoko Wipes with you when on the move. It gives you easy access to cleaning for baby.

MamyPoko — every parent’s preferred choice, every child’s comfort

The joy of holding your children for the first time, witnessing them taking their first steps in life, hearing them calling you for the first time or just looking at their smiles after a day’s work are definitely those moments that every parent won’t forget. To be a mum or dad is not easy and it will be even tougher if you are first time parents, so you will definitely need a lot of help. It could be from your own parents, neighbors or a reliable diaper brand like MamyPoko to provide your baby with ultimate comfort.

MamyPoko product innovations are developed locally by each country’s own research and development laboratory. Part of the SCA Hygiene brand, MamyPoko diapers are put through the tight testing process and quality control before they are available in the market. All MamyPoko must also pass respective local SCA Hygiene Product Safety Acceptance tests before they are sent into the shelves of supermarkets.

The ultimate question – Disposable diapers or cloth nappies?

As a young parent, you probably have heard the stories of the old saying that cloth nappies are all you need. You have been given a string of advice that may or may not complement your thoughts about diaper changing. The truth is, cloth nappies are more economical and more suitable for newborns thanks to the soft fabric. But once your toddler grows a little older, you will need to teach him or her how to wear pants. This is where disposable diapers come in. MamyPoko diapers, in particular, have been known as substitutes for pants. Just check out the MamyPoko Pants series. So don’t worry about what people say. You’re being a good parent.

Now that you know more about MamyPoko products for your little one, it’s time to scout for the best in MamyPoko discounts and lowest prices in the market. You can do all that online. MamyPoko at great prices online