This Spanish clothing brand specialize in bringing you the latest fashion trends without sacrificing their accessibility. Mango Singapore carries clothing and accessories for men, women, and children that you should browse and add into your wardrobe.

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How to Be Effortlessly Chic with Essential Pieces from Mango Singapore

From Kate Moss to Miranda Kerr, famous supermodels have worked with Mango Singapore to showcase how easy it is to look chic without blowing your budget. Mango SG always updates their clothing line to follow the latest fashion trends while making them available and accessible to anyone from fashion enthusiasts to your average Joes and Janes.

The Mango Singapore store categorizes their pieces into different collections and one of these collections include the Essential Items. In it, expect to find timeless yet fashion-forward pieces that you can wear anytime and at any place.

Mango Essential Pieces for Women

The Mango clothing from this collection is quite eclectic. It includes trench coats, leather jackets, lace mini dresses, jumpsuits, striped blouses, neutral trousers, and velvet heels. With the Mango clothing from this collection, you can style your daily outfits in so many different ways.

A popular fashion trend these days is incorporating 7/8 pants into your outfit. These types of pants end just above the ankles and hey can either be skinny, fitted or flared like culottes. The materials of these pants vary; you can find these trousers in cotton like the Mango Straight Cotton Trousers fitting for workplace setting or denim Mango Jane Skinny Fit jeans with a medium waistline and is suitable for casual settings.

Another styling trend is to print-block; think of it as color-blocking but with prints and patterns instead. To print-block, you start by pairing the Mango Houndstooth Trousers and the Mango Floral Print Blouse. The boldness of the floral top will be balanced out by the sophistication of the houndstooth trousers. You can also print-block by playing around with stripes: horizontal stripes for your top and vertical stripes on the pants.

Mango Essential Pieces for Men

Men don’t have to be left behind when it comes to dressing up based on the current fashion trends. Men’s fashion trends are always changing, especially nowadays when the line between genders are blurred and gender-neutral clothing is becoming more popular. With Mango clothing from the men’s collection, guys can easily build their daily and special ensembles that are unique, dashing, and of course, effortlessly chic.

Men’s fashion trends these days revolve around athleisure-wear where they incorporate clothing pieces typically worn for working out or sports for their daily outfits. This includes pairing up sweatshirts, like the Mango Hoodie Cotton Sweater, with sweat shorts, sweatpants, or solid-colored trousers.

For the trousers, the trend stays relatively similar; a versatile pair of khaki or neutral pants to make dressing up or dressing down easier. Khaki pants are easy to pair with anything; you can wear them with a button-up plaid shirt for a more office-appropriate look or dress them down by pairing it with a simple plain white tee that you layer underneath a bomber jacket.

Mango Essential Pieces for Kids

Mommies and daddies don’t need to worry when it comes to dressing up their little ones in the trendiest clothing and accessories. Mango Singapore offers a clothing line for baby girls and baby boys (0 to 4 years) and girls and boys (3 to 14 years). Clothing from each collection is gender-neutral, as well as long-lasting enough, that you can pass them down to your next child or family member.

The fashion trends for children remain the same throughout the years; bright and fun colors that are comfortable enough for them to run around in. To spice things up, clothing for children can also be color-blocked or print-blocked. Many of the shirts for boys and girls come with stripes, printed slogans, floral patterns, and other fun designs.

Some of the must-have pieces from these collections include the classic denim jeans that your little ones can wear to school, playdates, or other events, a sweater or denim jacket to protect your kids during the colder days, skirts and shorts in various colors for the hotter days, and printed tees with cheeky designs and texts.

Other Mango Clothing Collections

Mango clothing pieces are also available for those on the heavier side. The Mango Plus-Size collection features items that are as trendy as the clothing from the regular Mango clothing collection. This collection carries dresses, jumpsuits, shirts and tees, sweaters, coats, trousers, jeans, skirts, and pants that are flattering and comfortable for any plus-size woman. Aside from the plus-size clothing collection, Mango Singapore also has accessories like bags, belts, scarves, and all kinds of shoes to help complete your essential Mango ensemble.

What are you waiting for? Time to follow the current trends and be effortlessly chic with clothing from Mango Singapore while staying under your shopping budget!