Stylish, durable, and affordable, Mango Handbags are the perfect choice for anyone. Modern young women especially love Mango Handbags as they are well within their budget. Look at all the bags below and click here to learn more about Mango Handbags.


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Mango Handbags Singapore: handbags for all

Mango is named after the fruits itself is an internationally well-known Spanish fashion brand. Mango brought the runway fashion to the streets and clothes many women with creative cuts, patterns and accessories. Mango Handbags are also the brands most popular collection as they are made of quality materials and yet still priced at a very affordable price point.

#mangogirls like Lizzy Van Der Light, Karlie Koss and Joanna Halpin have showcased the Mango brand as a easy to personalised form of fashion. Mango Bags are very easy to match with any kinds of clothing, be it formal or informal, a Mango Bag owner can effortlessly rely on the simple and timeless design of Mango Bags to explore new horizons in life.

Mango Handbags for all:

Pick your Mango Handbags that will bring you to places, meet people and live life to its fullest!

Versatile Mango Handbags to any event

Here’s our take on Mango Handbags that can be brought to anywhere at any time.

  • Mango Candy PU Leather Tote — this piece can be brought for both fun and work; its rectangular shape also can make your arms more flattering when placed over the shoulder
  • Mango Variable Leather Shopping Bag — its bright orange colour will definitely capture people’s attention, spacious and durable, this bag is your best pick as your shopping buddy
  • Mango Dual Tone Tote Bag — with an interesting two toned design, this piece is a must have in every girl’s closet as it is the bag for all; throw in a change of clothes for a sleepover at your girlfriend’s place, use it as your extra shopping bag, it can also be used as a book keeper for all bulky books and notes
  • Mango Tassel Hobo Bag — embrace the bohemian rhapsody in you with this bag, its white base will be a perfect pairing for any white attire; you can choose either the brown or black medium (we recommend the brown as it has a subtler feminine look)
  • Mango Cross-body Small Bag — can be held two ways, either as a clutch or a cross-body bag; it has a flap, adjustable long strap and a snap button fastening; a great choice for versatility, bring it along for vacations or travel work because it is also quite presentable as a formal dinner clutch

Keep in mind that Mango Handbags are really practical, just follow the two simple rules when matching bags.

  • Match a bright bag with a tone-down outfit: wearing jeans and a tee? Carry a bright red clutch to highlight your overall look
  • Always carry a bigger bag: overstuffed bags looks sloppy, don’t weight yourself down, carry an extra or stash the smaller one in the bigger bag

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