Mango is the Spanish fashion juggernaut that has found a home in fashion streets across the world. There's something about their style that makes you stare at their window displays. You can't help but wonder why they look different and yet so appealing. Find out more and solve the mystery.

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Making the City Fashionable with Mango Singapore

Mango is the brainchild of Istanbul-born brothers Isak and Nahman Andic. Established in 1972 with only hand-embroidered shirts in its first store, Mango has since ballooned into a Spanish fashion leader; so much so that you would expect to find a Mango outlet on the high street of every major capital in the world. Mango has collaborated with big fashion names like Zuhair Murad and A-list celebrities like Milla Jovovich and appears to outdo itself with every collection. This is because the goal of Mango has been clear from the very beginning: to dress the modern, urban woman.

Mango is for the City

Mango combines high-quality materials with original designs to produce fashion that can keep up with the urban woman and the fast pace of her life in the city. The origins of Mango are pretty colourful. Its founders hail from Turkey and established their first shop in Spain. They decided to name their brand after a fruit Isak had tried in the Philippines. Consequently, Mango regularly draws inspiration from various cultures for their fashion, not to pander to the multiculturalism of Singapore, but in remembrance of how their brand started and what made them successful. One of the bestselling items in the female clothing line is the Mango T-shirt with the logo embroidered across the front. Mango has developed an identity unto itself so that any woman who has Mango emblazoned across her chest professes herself to be urban yet cultural, or at least striving to be so.

What About the Mango Man?

The cleverly-named H.E. by Mango was established in 2008 so that the men of the city could look as modern and trendy as their female counterparts. Standing for Homini Emerito, the distinguished man, the collections comprise of Mango shirts that are smart-yet-casual in various patterns like plaid and chambray and more often that not, in muted colours. The point is not to show up the women. It is to suggest that the Mango Man is confident, but not flamboyantly so.

New, Fresh Mango for Sale

One of the reasons Mango is such a success is because they take the effort to localise their fashion. With Singaporean climate being what it is, the popular European style of layering is not a viable option. Or at least not a very comfortable one outside the air-conditioned halls of the shopping mall. It makes sense then that the styles available at Singapore’s Mango collection favour lightweight clothing and shorts.

To date, the all-year-round bestsellers for women are flowy t-shirts, which come in various stock colours, like basic black and versatile navy blue, as well as in more graceful floral prints. On the other hand, the bestsellers for Mango menswear include the vast array of Bermuda shorts that come in cotton, chino, and five-pocket options to hold everything you need from a travel card to a smartphone.

In addition to its all-year-round fashion, Mango has been known for their highly ambitious and speedy production system. This allows them to respond to the latest trends as soon as they are announced. As a result, Mango collections can be relied on to be new and fresh; hot fashion trends interpreted to suit local tastes. So if you want to take on the bustling city, throw on something from the latest collection, maybe accessorise with a pair of Mango sunglasses, walk out the door and leave people staring in your wake.