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Mattel Singapore - Enhancing your Child’s Creativity through Play

Manufacturing toys since the end of World War II, Mattel Singapore is one of the biggest names in toys with tons of great collections for girls and boys. Whether your kid loves to play with dolls, board games, action figures, cars, etc; Mattel will ensure hours of fun and creativity. The company owns different toy brands including Barbie, Winx Club toys, several board games, WWE and comic book action figures, Fisher Price, and Hot Wheels which are playground must-haves.

About Mattel Singapore

Mattel was first founded in 1945 by Harold Matson and Elliot Handler. The name “Mattel” is a contraction between “Matt” and “El” derived from the founders’ names. The company started selling picture frames, and small doll-house furniture. Unfortunately, Harold Matson sold his shares to his co-founder Elliot. Needing a partner to run the company, Elliot turned to his wife and soon took over Harold’s role in the company. Mattel’s first success started in 1947 where they first released a toy ukelele called “Uke-a-doodle”, followed by the iconic Barbie doll in 1959. Soon after, Mattel’s products are the “it” playthings for kids in North America. Mattel’s owes their success to innovative creations such as one in 1960 - the Chatty Cathy, a talking doll which took over the industry until the 1970s.

Today, Mattel is one of the most recognized toy companies around the world. Aside from their successful toy brands, the company has also acquired exclusive licenses from Disney, Sesame Street, Barney, and Nickelodeon which further moved their brand to fame. With 31,000 employees at their disposal, Mattel gives its customers fun, safe, and creative toys for children up 14 years old.

Big toy brands under Mattel

For more than 70 years, the brand has been producing top-quality toys for children around the world. Their steady growth had also contributed to the creation and acquisition of great brands which are known for their excellent quality toys and iconic designs.

Fisher Price

Acquired in November 1993, Fisher Price became a subsidiary under Mattel which focuses on toys for infants and preschoolers. Among their most popular toy lines include “Little People” which features peg characters and playsets with farms and animals. Fisher Price encourages and hones your child’s learning and curiosity through different play sets which expands their creativity.


Perhaps one of the company’s biggest brands today, Barbie is an iconic doll originally created by Mattel in 1959. Today, Barbie is a relevant fashion and pop culture icon, even appearing in the Toy Story series. Because of her fame, Mattel has created a great line of toys in the Barbie Universe, clothes and have produced movies under her name.

Hot Wheels

Another original brand from Mattel, Hot Wheels was first released to the public in 1968 which manufactures toy cars. Marketed for younger boys, Hot Wheels became so popular that adults have also started collecting them. It’s long history had paved the way for rare and limited edition cars which can sell for several hundred dollars a piece. What makes them different from other toy cars are their tricked out designs which are often seen with bright decals.


Another toy car brand from Mattel, Matchbox was first acquired in 1997 from Lesney Products. Matchbox today are seen more as a collectible rather than a toy. With a history dating as far back as the 1953, rare and limited edition models are treasured. Unlike Hot Wheels, Matchbox are more realistic often reflecting their scale counterparts, from the hottest sports cars, to the classic models.

Monster High

Mattel has a knack for creativity and originality when it comes to their toys, thus the Monster High franchise was born. First released in 2010, the brand features male and female dolls inspired by monster movies, thriller, and sci-fi. Dracula, the Frankenstein monster, Medusa, Zombies, Phantom of the Opera and many others are all inspirations to this unique line of dolls.

Best-selling toys from Mattel

On top of that, Mattel also makes toys for several entertainment companies including Disney and Nickelodeon, with licenses which allows them to create quality toys for kids. Mattel may have countless characters from different franchises, but nothing beats Barbie as one of the company’s best selling toys which rakes in a constant $3 billion per year. Kids love barbie so much that in some countries, the term “Barbie” is now a synonymous to “doll”. Another franchise that put Mattel on the map are Hot Wheels. With numbers up to a staggering 4 billion cars produced since it was first introduced, 11,000 variations, and 800 models existing, not to mention miles and miles of race tracks sold over the years, Hot Wheels definitely earns a spot as one of Mattel’s best selling products. Choose from our wide selection of Mattel products online here or check out other brands that your kids would definitely love such as Lego, Leap Frog, Hello Kitty and more!