Baking, grilling, roasting, defrosting - a combination of functions that Mayer electric ovens can do in your kitchen. Dedicated to providing quality home and kitchen appliances, Mayer has long been a trusted brand among many households ever since its establishment in Singapore in 1987. Check out the best Mayer ovens below.


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Best Ovens You Can Get from Mayer Singapore

Mayer MMO30 Electric Oven

With a 1750-watts motor, this MMO30 is sure to heat up food very quickly. It offers temperature control of up to 230-degree Celsius, 5 different heating functions including Defrost, Bottom Heat, Top Heat with Rotisseries, Top & Bottom Heat with Fan, as well as a 120-minute timer with stay-on function. Do follow the Mayer oven manual that advises the user to heat up for 15 minutes before use to eliminate any packaging residues. The icing on the cake is that this oven comes packaged with a tray handle for you to take the tray out safely instead of using oven mitts.

Mayer MMO328 Electric Convection Oven

With a spacious 32L interior, this oven is more than enough for a small family. Featuring a Rotisserie function, this electric oven has 3 large easy-turn knob functions, comes with 3 heating options and an adjustable thermostat from 100-250°C. It’s ideal for small kitchen spaces and can be stored away easily thanks to its compact size as compared to those larger ovens. Anything you want to bake or heat up, this Mayer electric oven is going to be a big helper in preparing all sorts of scrumptious meals.

Mayer MMO76 Digital Oven

This high-end digital oven could just be the perfect choice for large families as it has a massive 76-litre capacity that can fit a 12” pizza. Similar to the MMO30, this oven has a 120-minute timer and comes with an adjustable thermostat that goes up to 230°C. Boasting 3000W power, fast heating isn’t a problem at all. Some other features of the MMO76 digital oven include Auto Shut Off, Ready Bell, heating element controls, Top & Bottom Heat, stainless steel inner cavity, easy-to-use digital control, and a double protection glass window. Complementing the oven are 2 baking trays and 2 baking racks. It offers even heat distribution which makes your food well-cooked.

While comparing between different Mayer ovens, do remember to go through each Mayer oven review for further reference to help you make the right decision.

Aside from ovens, Mayer offers a diverse range of kitchen appliances including air fryers, blenders, pressure cookers, electric kettles, gas hobs, and many more! Check them out here at iPrice Singapore.