MCM is a true German brand focused on innovative craftsmanship. MCMs commitment to perfection is shown through their fabrics, leathers, and other materials for their popular bags. In their quest to create the perfect carryall, they ensure that their skilled artisans meet the criteria and quality established decades ago from when they started. Get your own MCM bag with a unique number engraved on the brass plate. Shop MCM products such as their signature MCM wallet, sling bag, backpack, mini backpack, accessories and more.

What is the full meaning of MCM? | Is MCM a luxury brand? | Are MCM bags real leather? | Does MCM have an outlet?


MCM Singapore - A Rich and Colourful Back Story Filled with Great Designs

MCM stands for Modern Creation München and was established in 1976, Munich, Germany. This travel luggage company has expanded its portfolio to include eyewear, small leather goods, and earphones in collaboration with Beats for both men and women. The brand was cultivated and grew with a ‘cultural renaissance during the 1970s in Munich. It was during this time that Munich was seen as the home of the global jet-set. The Gold Age of Munich still inspires the brand’s rebellious, state-of-the-art, and sophisticated spirit of MCM until this very day.

With its craft rooted in excellently produced luggage options, MCM prides itself on its use of the highest quality materials and fine leathers. All of the MCM products are now designed and made in Germany, Italy, and Korea. The brand is meticulous with its quality, and this enables them to consistently produce bags and accessories of superior quality that are style-savvy, functional, and innovative for people to travel with.

Today, the brand’s attitude is one that caters to the cosmopolitan professional who appreciates luxury. The ideal MCM user seeks quality goods without compromise in style or functionality. The brand’s rebellious and creative designs evoke a sense of timeless luxury and unexpected style.

The MCM Brand’s Essence Explained with A Logo

The MCM logo is as iconic as the brand’s offerings. The letters in the MCM logo stands for the date 1900 in Roman numerals. This was the time that was considered to be the beginning of the ‘age of travel.’ The laurel wreath featured in the logo is a symbol of achievement with honour, tradition, and ambition for progress. The diamond pattern is taken from an ancient French playing card, which symbolises value, strength, and respect for tradition.

Why Should You Follow The Stars?

The iconic MCM backpack has been spotted everywhere across America. After the brand was reborn in 2005, it enlisted designer Michael Michalsky as its creative director the next year. This marked the birth of chic art collaborations with its logo as the centrepiece standing for money and class.

The brand’s leather monogrammed backpacks have been the go-to carryall for many stylish folks, including Jaden Smith, Justin Bieber, Cara Delevingne, Lindsay Lohan, Ludacris, Johnny Wujek, and more. Selena Gomez was spotted carrying her MCM Boston Handle bag, and Beyonce has been photographed with not one, but two different MCM designs. In particular, Queen B was seen carrying an MCM sling bag named the Berlin Crossbody Box Bag that comes with a detachable strap. This just goes to show how far this German lifestyle brand has come with its street-friendly bags adored by many.

What is the full meaning of MCM?

MCM stands for Michael Cromer Muchen.

How old is MCM?

MCM was founded in 1976.

Is MCM a luxury brand?

MCM Worldwide is a leather luxury goods fashion brand founded by Michael Cromer and bought out by Sungjoo Group in 2005. The brand’s signature logo-printed material, called Cognac Visetos, appears on many of its products.

Are MCM bags real leather?

Yes, MCM bags can stay upright no matter how you place it; hence it’s apparent that they are made of high-quality leather and materials. Since they are made of genuine leather, soft dry cloth is recommended for cleaning any blots on the material.

Does MCM have an outlet?

While there is no MCM outlet in Singapore, you can find its physical store in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

How can you tell if MCM is real?

Spot the differences between authentic and fake MCM bags by looking at its form. Authentic MCM bags are usually structured and wouldn't fold over or collapse upon themselves. This is a good indicator already to see if your MCM bag is real or not.

Do all MCM bags have serial numbers?

The serial number of the MCM bag is always on the golden plaque that is attached to the bag. For more recent models, the serial number consists of four numbers and a letter whereas with vintage pieces only numbers are available.

Do MCM bags have warranty?

Each item has its own warranty declaration. Kindly refer to the product page for the warranty (if any). However, MCM Classics warrants that its products will be free of defects and materials in workmanship for a period of one year on all products.

Is MCM cheaper in Korea?

Basically, MCM is going into every store in the world because of its fast-rising reputation but if you're ever in South Korea, then you can buy them at 10% to 20% cheaper. If not, you can buy them in duty-free shops at airports.

How do I return MCM?

You can return anything from the MCM Online Store except final sale items and underwear within 30 days of purchase with a receipt. All you have to do is fill out the packing slip included in your package and affix the prepaid FedEx or UPS shipping label to the outside of your carton.