Health is our number one priority. Without good health, we will experience difficulties in performing regular functions in our daily life. This also means we should prepare the umbrella before it rains by having essential medical supplies at home. Check out our vast selection of medical supplies available in Singapore below!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Supplies Singapore

We have all heard the old adage, “The greatest wealth is health”, as quoted from Virgil. Taking care of your health can start from having these basic medical supplies at home. These are also important to keep at home if you have an aged loved one who is receiving home healthcare services.

What are the best medical supplies to have at home?

Blood Pressure Monitor

There must have been times when you feel woozy or lethargic on a hectic daily life routine. It may be a sign of low blood pressure but you will have no way of knowing it without a blood pressure monitor. Having one at home keeps you on the right track of your physical health and alerts you to make a doctor’s appointment to get yourself checked up, should your blood pressure fall below or exceed the normal range. If you or your family member is currently undergoing medical treatment, it won’t hurt to get a blood pressure monitor to do self-monitoring so that the doctor can adjust medical needs according to the blood pressure records.

Weighing Scale

An essential most households cannot live without, a weighing scale is an important tool for weight maintenance and weight loss. These days, digital weighing scales are highly favourable due to their high precision accuracy and sleek display of numbers. Like many smart appliances we are using today, the Bluetooth-powered Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 is capable of identifying each family member based on body data and syncing data to the Mi Fit app for progress tracking. Plus, no more scars from accidentally bumping into the corners of a weighing scale! Designed with rounded corners, the Mi Smart Scale 2 is completely safe and sturdy for your entire family.

Medical Masks

Whether it be haze or flu season, N-95 masks and medical masks will be needed to protect your health. The main difference between N-95 masks and medical masks is that the former is used to filter out 95% of fine inhalable particles (PM2.5) from severe air pollution or smog; whereas the latter is encouraged among sick individuals to prevent the spread of flu virus. Medical masks are also widely used by health care professionals to prevent the transmission of oral and nasopharyngeal bacteria to patients’ wounds in the operating theatre.


The only way of telling if someone has a fever or not is by using a digital thermometer. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, thermometers have made their way to our homes. Providing fast and accurate readings, digital thermometers can help you make the right decision in seeking medical help from health professionals.

Can medical supplies be donated?

Medical supplies like first aid kits or surgical masks can be donated to those in need if they are unused. When determining whether your medical supplies are suitable for donation or not, do examine their product label and expiry date. Make sure medical containers or bottles remain in a sealed condition. Bigger medical equipment such as crutches or wheelchairs should be sanitised with antiseptic liquid before being donated to others.

In addition to the aforementioned medical supplies, medical equipment like commode chairs, bath stools, medical beds and more are also available at iPrice Singapore for home healthcare services.