Knowing your fertile time is very crucial when it comes to family planning. This is where fertility tests come in handy if you want to calculate and track your cycle. Since there are many types of fertility tests, you should pick the one that offers the most consistent result. Read more about fertility tests in Singapore below to find out.


Amazing Tips to Pick the Right Fertility Monitor

Even at this age of digital technology, most of us are still clueless when it comes to tracking our own fertile time. Despite there are various ways of tracking the cycle and time, each of them does offer varying level of accuracy. However, you should turn to fertility monitor because it is able to help you to track in a more effective manner. Since it can be hard to choose the right fertility monitor, you should read the tips below to get the ideal fertility monitor.Hence, these are amazing tips for you to pick the right fertility monitor.

How Fertility Monitor Works

Basically, the fertility monitor is able to track your progesterone level by measuring the temperature. Essentially, there are two types of temperature that can be monitored. First, basal body temperature can give you the most accurate result when you measure it in the mouth. Another method of monitoring temperature is the core body temperature. It has been proven that core body temperature offers more accurate tracking of progesterone level. When you compare with the basal body temperature, the core body temperature can achieve better and more reliable results. In fact, such accuracy has been able to provide real-time prediction of ovulation.

Choosing Fertility Apps

Since there are tons of fertility apps that you can find, it can be easy for you to get spoilt for choices. Most of the time, many fertility apps are free to download. Utilizing the calendar method, these apps will calculate the fertile time. Generally, these fertility apps rely on traditional thinking especially in terms of predicting the ovulation. Yet, this approach has been considered as ineffective because it is just another way of keeping your electronic diary. Arguably, this is far better than writing your cycle down on your paper.

Yet, there are other fertility apps that take a step further by taking how long your previous cycle lasted into account. In the first glance, this can be a great idea but there is a problem that is caused by ovulation time. Even though you may have a consistent cycle, the data from previous cycles does not really offer a lot of enough information to predict fertility reliably. Despite you can be aware of your cycle through tracking your fertility, it should be noted that you must observe physiological signs of fertility as well.

Combine Fertility App & Fertility Monitor for More Accurate Results

It is still not enough if you use the fertility app only. This is why you must use it together with the fertility monitor so that you can achieve a more reliable and accurate result. The combination of the software and hardware technology will actually give you a more effective way to monitor your fertile time. Not only that, you are also able to submit any input regarding the symptoms that you are experiencing so that you can obtain a more precise reading. Once you have the functions of fertility monitors and how they work better with fertility apps, you will be able to pick the right fertility monitor that caters to your needs.