Our elbow is a body part that can easily become stiff following trauma. To prevent further occurrence of complications, elbow support in Singapore can be used during the rehabilitation phase.


The many uses of an elbow support in Singapore

Typically, elbow supports are suited to be to be used for both conservative treatments as well as a post-operative rehabilitation treatment. Your elbow is prone to inflammation especially if hand tools or even the computer is utilised frequently. The problem will develop really slowly, and pain may be negligible, but with further movement and tension, there will be slight tears causing the pain to go from acute to chronic. Here is everything you need to know about elbow supports.

Acute trauma

Also known simply as a dislocated elbow, collateral ligaments lesion or non-surgical elbow fracture. In this case, the elbow support offers early and safe mobilization during the acute trauma.

Post-operative care

There are two uses for the elbow support when it comes to post-operative care. The first one being after bone fixation, while the other one being after soft tissue release. It is advisable for patients to make use of the elbow support after a surgical bone fixation procedure, particularly for major injuries such as distal humeral, radius head, and coronoid process fractures. On top of that, it helps limit solicitations and dangerous movements for joint stability which offers early active and passive movement within the allowed range.

Stiffness of the elbow

There are typically three causes of elbow stiffness which are post-injury stiffness, congenital problems, and other diseases. Nevertheless, the most common cause is still post-injury stiffness. With the elbow support alone, it can treat this physical ailment without requiring soft tissue release. It helps to exert a progressive distraction force on the retracted soft tissues of the elbow and lengthening them while offering an increased range of movement.

Types of elbow support

Most health professionals that specialize in elbow rehabilitation can tell there is no brace classification. Nonetheless, it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types.

Orthopaedic devices

Wraps, sleeves, immobilizers, slings, braces, and pads are some of the elbow support categorized under orthopaedic devices. Generally, they are utilized to hold the elbow and arm in a stationary position which provides a more comfortable support and protection to keep the arm stabilized. This will help the injury such as fractured bones or tendon to heal effectively. As for the hinged elbow supports, it reassures and helps restore range of motion during the recovery stages while providing protection against further injury.

Immobilization elbow support

This often can be either a non-articulated or articulated locked elbow brace. The main purpose of the immobilization elbow support is to protect the area around it by entirely restricting its movement.