Let your skin experience high quality masks like Mediheal Masks. Formulated to help with various kind of skin types and skin concerns, browse through all Mediheal products below and pick up suitable ones. Click here to learn more about Mediheal.


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Mediheal wants to help you look beautiful, to look your best, to be confident from the inside out, to make its product users feel good about themselves. A leading beauty brand in the beauty hub nation of South Korea, Mediheal is also widely popular in neighbouring Asian countries like Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. As Korea’s K-beauty trend permeates deeper to more countries, Mediheal is also setting up its brand influence in more countries.

Mediheal Singapore: the brand story

Founded in 2008 by the prestigious beauty school in Seoul University of South Korea, Mediheal products are formulated by a very dedicated team of skin experts and dermatologists that conduct research and experiments on the skin. They are definitely the experts in the field when talking about Mediheal skincare. Furthermore, with the brains of the cream of the cake (FYI Seoul University is among the top 20 in the world!) in the Mediheal research and products development team, Mediheal products are indeed world class.

Mediheal products are formulated to help users achieve clean and healthy skin, it strives to be your primary skincare solution. Mediheal had also develop other kinds of beauty products over the years to better provide for its customers. Products like cosmetics, haircare and body care products. Mediheal products also hit the drug store chains in Korea. Mediheal products can be found in popular stores like Watsons and Olive Young in 2011 and that broaden the brand’s presence in the local market.

Mediheal Facial Masks is the brand most well-known product series.

The secret of Mediheal products

The special secret about Mediheal facial masks is that they are of two kinds of mask sheet and both serve different purposes to care for different skin types.

Charcoal Mineral Mask
Made of Beech Wood from Kyushu, Japan, this black coloured mask sheet radiates anions and absorb impurities of the skin. the mask texture is able to capture excess sebum and take them away from the skin when ask sheet. Besides that, the mask sheet also provides moisture, cleanses pores and provides adequate oil-control mechanism to regulate the skin’s pH level.
Cellulose Mask
This soft and silky texture mask sheet has anti-bacterial properties and is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. The mask sheet has high levels of adherence and moisture to provide the skin with instant rehydration. It feels so soft and thin that you might also forget that you are actually having it on your face. Remember to let the excess serum absorb into the skin by patting after you remove the mask.

Top Mediheal Singapore products

Here are some top Mediheal masks that we think you should try.

Bamboo Charcoal 4D Black Mask
Bamboo Charcoal 4D Black Mask is approved with wrinkle function, skin elasticity and lifting care with black sheet. It applies 10 kinds of black food concept to bamboo charcoal mask material for skin elasticity and energetic skin condition by "Bamboo double system effect". Bamboo charcoal sheet helps to purify and cleanse the skin, removes skin waste and excellent with skin adhesion. Bamboo extract is emollient and nourishing, rich in amino acids and minerals, which delivers nutrition and adds vitality to the skin; it is also effective in reducing hot flashes.
Mediheal Essential Mask Collagen Impact Essential Mask V3
This mask sheet contains components such as marine collagen and elastin which make your fatigued skin more vital by time, so it will revive your skin’s youthfulness and help to turn back time. Its moist essence film on will work to prevent your skin from dryness and fills up the broken collagen structure of the skin. This is a cellulose mask sheet with silky touch fitting that will get rid of your fine wrinkles and aids intensively in delivering highly-concentrated essence mildly into the skin.
Mediheal Dress Code Mask
A unique face mask that is not only fun to use but is also highly beneficial for the skin. It is multifunctional as it delivers abundant nutrients to the skin for it to achieve optimum results. Mediheal’s Dress Code Mask comes in four different colours Blue (Aqua Care), Red (Anti-aging), Violet (Toning) and Black (Whitening). Highly moisturizing masks to perfectly supply hydration to dry and rough skin. This mask series contains hyaluronic acid, lavender extract and rosemary extract which are premium ingredients that have numerous vitamins that are beneficial to the skin. Pick one of the four according to your skin type and post some selfies with it!

Caring for your skin is essential as it is the largest art of your body. With Mediheal, it can now be an easier process. Browse at Mediheal products now and give the brand’s product a try!