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Meiriki JP Kani Chitosan-Super Diet 90 pcs at 86.70 SGD from YesStyle
Meiriki JP Kani Chitosan-Super Diet 90 pcs
S$ 86.70 S$ 91.20
Brand from Japan: Meiriki JP. Kani Chitosan is a natural fiber which is derived from crab skeletons. It absorbs dietary fat and is excreted out of the body. Fats stored in the tummy, waist and hip are burnt for providing energy Garcinia Cambodia and Chromium yeast suppress the absorption of fats and carbohydrates With Kidachi Aloe fiber stimulates bowel movement which helps to speed up slimming process. Kani Chitosan remove lipid wastes and speed up carbohydrate metabolism, increases the calcium absorption, boots immunity, increases intestinal bifidus, improves intestinal health and combats pimples on skin and face How to Use: Take 1 -2 capsules before meal Pack Size - 260mg x 90 pcs
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