There’s no way to define French beauty better than Melvita Singapore. Browse below for a wide array of organic products ranging from face care, hair care, creams, lotions, serums and many more! Click here to find out more about Melvita and its natural beauty products.


Melvita Singapore - Natural Beauty, Inside and Out

With a passion to provide natural and organic products to its customers, Bernard Chevilliat and his brother founded Melvita in 1983 in a lovely countryside in France. With a background in biology and a lover of nature and beekeeping, Bernard formulated the first Melvita products out of raw materials from bees. They first produced hexagonal soaps and later moved on to producing more organic products such as floral waters and plant oils.

Melvita Singapore is committed to inspiring and changing people’s lifestyle by making healthier, more organic choices in beauty products. Harnessing nature’s healing powers through a wide array of products such as face care, organic floral waters, body lotions and toiletries, and hair care, all in which are purely from organic raw materials with no added chemicals. Since 1983, Melvita Singapore continues to provide and improve their collections with better and more ways to harness nature’s powers.

Reasons to go organic with Melvita Singapore

Going green has its own benefits; here are ways on how Melvita Singapore could improve your lifestyle through their organic products:

  1. Without the harmful chemicals, Melvita gives you only the safest, most natural products.
  2. Through these organic products, you respect nature and reap its benefits.
  3. You can easily avoid harmful petrochemicals and its derivatives.
  4. Rediscover nature’s natural healing and traditional beauty routines through Melvita.
  5. With Melvita Singapore, you are choosing cruelty-free products devoid of any animal testing.

Promising pure and organic products, Melvita Singapore was among the first companies to attain an ECOCERT certificate for organic products. So make healthier, more organic choices and get rid of harmful chemicals with Melvita Singapore! Choose from our wide selection of merchandise above or choose from our categories including skin care, shampoos, hand creams, soaps and lotions for you.

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