The epitome of the luxury supercar, Mercedes-Benz has pioneered automotive motorsports for years. Now with its latest technology in a new world automotive engineering, we’ve got the future in our hands. Find out more about this epic car brand below.

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5 Pioneered Milestones from Mercedes-Benz

The three-spoked logo. Brilliant German engineering. Sleek luxury and top performance.

These are just some of the obvious characteristics that classify Mercedes-Benz as the greatest car company in the world. The pioneer in automotive technology, Mercedes-Benz cars can be found all over the world. Not just a car, Mercedes-Benz is a name to be reckoned with.

Post World War II, the company used military-grade supplies to build their cars. Thanks to this, cars were made of pure steel and metal unlike the synthetic material of today. As Mercedes built these tough machines, they also perfected luxury that would become a benchmark throughout history. Everything from heaters, to leather seating and headlight washers for each set of lights became standard in Mercedes cars. The culmination of all technological innovations these days, Mercedes is one name you want to have in your garage.

Let’s look at some of Mercedes-Benz’s milestones that take the car manufacturer to another level.

The first car race

You may think that the first race would have been organized by Ford. But the truth could not be further. Heading the world of motorsports, Mercedes organized the first race in the 20th century, back when cars did not have external bodies like they do today.

The airbag

Long before technology is what it is today, automobile safety relied on solely on the car’s frame build and material. If you were in a car crash in the year 1960, you may survive due to the car’s large size and rigid body. Unfortunately, you may sustain critical injuries that will take a long time to heal. But come 1980, the airbag was invented by, you guessed it! – Mercedes-Benz.

The airbag is not simply a safety feature, it’s a global milestone in human technology. As if something out of a science-fiction novel, the airbag has saved thousands of lives since it was introduced in vehicles. The simple mechanism of an inflating bag can stop the impact of the driver or passenger crashing into parts of the car. Mercedes-Benz registered the patent in 1971 and first installed airbags nine years later in the S-Class luxury sedan, as is with most of its innovative technology. Today, front airbags are compulsory in every vehicle to pass the basic safety tests.


Another innovation that Mercedes-Benz has given birth to in the recent years is the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). As the name suggests, the technology behind ABS simply does what it says. If tires lock completely during extreme braking, the car’s momentum puts it into a power-slide that could send it off the road. Thanks to ABS, brakes won’t lock anymore. Instead, tires will stop intermittently as small sequences. This stopping action brings the car to a halt faster and allows the driver a bigger time frame to react to the oncoming hazard.

Today, thanks to Mercedes-Benz, this revolutionary technology is compulsory in every car.


Electronic Stability Control, or Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is a technology brought in by Mercedes-Benz. What ESC does is fairly simple. The onboard computer calculates a change in grip when the car is about to go into a skid. The loss of grip initiates the ESC braking and this helps to steer the car into where the driver intends to go. Much like ABS, the ESC provides the driver with a longer time frame to react to a potential accident.

First Electric supercar

As one of the biggest car companies in the world, Mercedes-Benz is incredibly advanced in its view of the future. Looking into the world of electric cars, Mercedes built the world’s first all-electric supercar – the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive. This version of the incredible SLS AMG car upgraded into a fully electric supercar is what the world of motorsports will be like in the future. With oil depletion, a real threat in the near future, scientists and automotive engineers look into electric motors to produce the next range of hyper engines. The Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive is proof that Mercedes-Benz has mastered this race.

With all these innovations of technology Mercedes-Benz has brought, you can be sure it will further pioneer new technology of the future.

What’s in store for us?

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