Looking for a long lasting, high performance, and efficient tools for your construction or industrial needs? Whether you’re a professional or not, Milwaukee is a brand that’s well-known in the industry and will surely make even the heaviest and most difficult construction tasks are done easily. Check out Milwaukee’s wide array of power tools, hand tools, and all other instruments right here!

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Milwaukee is the leading brand of heavy-duty power tools, hand tools, and accessories made for professionals across the world. The company has come to rise in 1924 and has led the heavy duty tools industry since, due to the durability and performance of their products.

Milwaukee: A Century of Innovation

Milwaukee is known for their unwavering commitment to focus on providing trade-specific solutions that are innovative. With the company’s leadership in Lithium-Ion Technology as evidenced by the performance and efficiency of their M12™, M18™ & M28™ Systems, innovative hand tool products, and time-saving accessories. With such dedication to the industry, they were able to set the standard higher in the heavy duty tools industry and continuously deliver a steady stream of innovative products that provide advanced solutions in construction and hand work tasks. The productivity that it brings and the durability that their products possess is unmatched.

During its early years, Milwaukee was looked up to by industry professionals and was a mentor to most of them in the development of their existing equipment. The first ever solution introduced by Milwaukee to the industry was the easy to handle sander/grinder for welders, which could withstand heavy usage and extremely hazardous working condition. This tool was a perfect balance 15lbs one horsepower model. This invention eventually paved the way for other tools that pioneered in the industry and shaped the power tool industry to what it is now.

Why Milwaukee?

Industry Leader

Milwaukee has been the industry leader in the home-construction industry since it flourished in the US. Their power tools have been the key element in the construction of buildings in the suburbs of America. With that being said, it has since proven its reliability, efficiency, durability in getting any construction jobs done – may it be small scale or large scale. Milwaukee has been a brand that’s been tested by time.

User Focused Products

The brand's customer base has been consistent all these years which is simply a respond to Milwaukee's relentless venture to provide all the heavy duty needs of professionals by continuous development of tools and equipment that could make their work easy and keep their productivity higher every time a new product is developed. With that being said, the secret behind the success and their never ending development of new tools for construction and hand work tasks. Milwaukee basically provides new tools driven by the latest technology which will help professionals easily get things done in the field.

Solution for Trades

Milwaukee’s goal is to focus on designing the best and most up to date solutions that will allow tradesmen on the field to be more productive, whether or not the solutions are electrical or battery powered, type of test equipment, accessories, or even hand tools. The end goal of their products which is to enhance the field productivity of traders paved the way for Milwaukee to uphold a high standard solution for their trading needs.

Next Generation Products

The continuous development of their Lithium Ion Technology, Milwaukee is able to engineer cutting edge tools that are much more efficient than those that they have manufactured before.

Milwaukee Products at iprice Singapore

Construction, hand work, electrical work, and even plumbing, Milwaukee has all the right tools for professionals to do their job faster and easier. Their product menu is composed of the following:

Power Tools

Their power tools are classified into three categories: Cordless, Corded and Combo Kits. The cordless are those power tools that runs on Milwaukee’s highly acclaimed Lithium-Ion System, and could easily function without having to plug them into an outlet. On the other hand, the corded tools are those that relies on a power outlet in order to operate. While combo kit is a set of tools intended for a certain work. These tools whether corded or cordless consists of the following:

  • Applicators
  • Drills
  • Expansion tools
  • Heat Guns
  • Grinders
  • Press tools
  • Routers
  • Sanders and Polishers
  • Screw Drivers
  • Shears and Nibblers

These tools come in corded and cordless versions, and the combo kits consist of these tools, bundled according to a certain trading task.

Hand Tools

Hand tools, on the other hand, are small equipment that is used for basic construction or handicraft work. These tools consist of the following:

  • Fastening
  • Layout
  • Pliers
  • Saw and Cutters
  • Screw Drivers and Nut drivers
  • Snips and Scissors
  • Utility knives

These tools are basically small but are essential in many electrical, plumbing, or light construction work.


These are machinery or gadgets that are used to run tests or gauge measurements needed in construction, industrial, or electrical work. The most common instruments from Milwaukee are

  • Clamp Meters
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Fork Meters
  • Levelling and Distance
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Lighting Tester
  • Temperature Meters.

Instruments are essential in making sure that every measurement and readings that are recorded are relevant and correct, otherwise, it would affect the accuracy of the outcome of the industrial, electrical, or hand work carried out by professionals.

For the most reliable and long lasting tools for all of your industrial needs, Milwaukee has proven all these years that it is the best choice in the market then and now.