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Keep your shoe game strong with Mimosa! Made for women from all walks of life, this brand was made to shine. Keeping up with trends and infusing bold patterns, colours and designs, Mimosa isn’t afraid to experiment and take a leap of faith with fashion! The Mimosa girl enjoys cutting-edge fashion combined with comfort to get her through the day. This newly formed brand has been in the industry for a short period of time, but has made a great impact especially in Singapore. Understandably so, due to Mimosa being able to cater to diverse styles ranging from sandals, to flats, to heels and boots. You’re bound to fit a shoe that fits perfectly!

Mimosa Singapore Store Location

Mimosa has quite a following in Singapore, leading it to be in the shelves of several stores throughout the country. Due to this, Mimosa constantly upgrades their designs and footwear according to fashion trends. Providing quality and comfort, Mimosa shoes are a fashion statement on their own. Need a new pair of shoes?

Mimosa Singapore Prices

Due to its large variety of footwear that comes in many colours, styles and designs, the prices differ accordingly. The prices are affordable and within a reasonable budget, making it one of the best selling shoe brands in Singapore. The prices allow anyone from all walks of life to be able to purchase it without leaving a dent in their bank account. Fashion and functionality with comfort makes Mimosa stand tall in comparison!

About Mimosa

Mimosa is a proud shoe brand that has been growing steadily over the years, and has since attracted a huge loyal following. Mimosa has managed to create a line of affordable footwear without compromising on quality. Paying key attention to the latest in fashion trends and style, Mimosa infuses that in their designs and ensures that it is practical as well.

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