More than just a video game, Minecraft enables you to unleash your imagination to the next level. As you are playing it, you will realize that it will test your creativity to its limit. Literally, you mine and craft epic pieces in this game. Read more about Minecraft Singapore here below to find out.

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Marvelous Minecraft Products for Every Minecraft Fan

Minecraft is a game that is all about building and breaking apart blocks to form people, structures and other incredibly adventurous things. Like its video game counterpart, Minecraft boasts a huge range of interesting products that make you love the whole Minecraft even more. If you are looking for Minecraft products, you can take a look at Minecraft toys. Here are some of the marvelous Minecraft products that you should get as Minecraft fan.

Lego Minecraft Crafting Box

Like the Minecraft game itself, this Lego Minecraft crafting box will expand your imagination to the next level. Lego Minecraft crafting box is all about setting your imagination free since there will be nothing that can stop you. It gives you tons of incredible options such as creating your own Minecraft models, build from the 8-in-1 instructions or follow the inspirational pictures or scenarios to complete other amazing Minecraft biomes. The novelty of this Lego Minecraft crafting box is that it replicates scenes and landscapes from Minecraft. At the same time, it is flexible in terms of build possibilities.

In addition, you will be able to use the periodic table poster to identify the Lego Minecraft elements. It comes with a Steve with an accessory, a skeleton, and a mushroom. This fantastic crafting box really deserves its name when you find out that it includes 521 Lego assorted pieces. Lego Minecraft Crafting Box features redstone and lapis elements, plus torches, plants, oven, TNT, and mature wheat.

Mattel Minecraft Mini Figures Collector Case

This lightweight Mattel Minecraft collector case includes six starter characters and a convenient handle that lets you easily transport up to 32 figures. It comes with Steve (with diamond armor), Alex (with enchanted armor), Blaze, Zombie Pigman, Magma Cube, and Wither Skeleton. These mini figures are stored on the outside to showcase your awesome Minecraft collection.

You can organize and display your favorite Nether explorers in this Mattel Minecraft collector case. When you flip it over, you will be thrilled to discover a Minecraft world complete with a playtime portal for entertaining creative minds. For any Minecraft fans out there, it is highly recommended that you get this Mattel Minecraft collector case because you can store your favorite Minecraft mini figures and can carry them around.

Mattel Minecraft Survival Mode Playset

With this Minecraft Survival Mode play set, you can bring Minecraft to life. Mattel Minecraft Survival Mode playset offers more than 50 combinations so you can create your own adventure. Use blocks to build up your base just like in the video game, and discover hidden secrets, craft your own tools and use interchangeable pieces to mold your environment.

Fascinatingly, this playset includes a working crafting table that can be used to craft a diamond pickaxe – after you discover the hidden diamond (ssshhh). In short, this lovely Minecraft playset offers endless customizable configurations which include a waterfall, removable torches, fully functioning door, usable ladders, adjustable platforms, and others.

Mattel Minecraft Action Figure – Exploding Creeper

This 5-inch Exploding Creeper figure features moves unique to its classic character. In your Minecraft game, you remember fondly that Creepers form hostile and dangerous mobs whose signature move is to explode. Similarly, you can just press the button on the top of the Creeper's head and BAM! Its explosion definitely sounds like the one you heard from the game.

With its 5 inch scale, it is easy to pose it in a wide variety of ways. It is also well-articulated to do the pose you want. Mattel Minecraft Exploding Creeper will relive your favorite Minecraft moments. Well-crafted, this Mattel action figure adds a bit of fun and adventure to the overall interaction.

Mattel Minecraft Flying Ghast Quadcopter

When you operate this Mattel Minecraft Flying Ghast quadcopter, you can expect it like the one from the game. As your favorite nether-dwelling creature, Mattel Minecraft Flying Ghast quadcopter is ideal for every Minecraft fan. Just like in video game, you can use its remote to fly the Flying Ghast in all directions through the air.

Its multi-directional controls offer easy maneuverability and flexible navigation. Besides, it can even do 360-degree turns effortlessly. When it comes to landing, you do not have to worry because it comes to an automatic landing feature to safely get the toy back on the ground.

Minecraft Deluxe Diamond Sword

Replicating the iconic Diamond Sword from Minecraft (data value 276 to be precise), Minecraft Deluxe Diamond Sword is an officially licensed Minecraft product that you should get as a true Minecraft collector. Made from sturdy EVA foam with blow-molded plastic details, your Minecraft Diamond Sword can withstand more than 1562 uses. This EVA material turns your Minecraft Diamond Sword a sturdy tool that you can destroy a huge range of enemies without any problem.

Yet, it has enough cushion for you to wield comfortably. Another interesting aspect of this lovely Minecraft accessory is that it is actually 3D designinstead of flat design. With its 3D design, it looks exactly like the from the game.In short, this Minecraft Deluxe Diamond Sword is the chosen one that you swing without any "repercussions".