There are many types of beauty products in the market today that promise you healthy skin but do they truly work? However for those who are confused on what to choose, here at iprice Singapore we offer you Missha, a beauty brand that stays true to its mission – affordable and efficient beauty products such as skincare products, body care and make up products. Click here to learn more about Missha.


Missha You Affordable and Efficient Beauty Brand

Probably in your point of view, one way that help us choose the best brand is making sure that the brand comes with a heavy price tag. If a product is expensive, there are high chances for the product to work better than the rest. What if we told you that Missha is determined to bring you the best products ranging from skincare, cosmetics products, nail care and many more for an extraordinarily affordable price?

About Missha

Founded in Korea in the year 2000, it was brought to see the outside world through the Korean Beauty website, Beautynet. Its first shop was opened in Korea in 2002. It has founded based on a simple mission; everyone should have the chance to experience good quality products for an affordable price. Compared to all the beauty brands out there that focus more on the price instead of the outcome of the product, Missha emphasizes on the importance of the quality of products. This could be proved by the thorough and extensive researchs that Missha conduct on their products before releasing them into the market world. Missha’s products especially its skincare and make up products are designed to suit the skin’s complex structure and its various conditions. This is to ensure that there would not be any side effects to the consumers upon using Missha products. Currently Missha which is recognized at an international brand has more than 330 stores over the world.

Why Is Missha Truly a Unique Brand?

  • Well firstly, simply because it offers you products that are not only affordable but also effective and off good quality! Missha believes that beauty products should not be looked as indulgence but rather inexpensive and essential. Probably you are thinking that it is impossible to produce good and high quality products with low prices, but Missha is able to do so by making simpler distribution chain and marketing tactics. Missha proves its mission by concentrating more on the quality of products rather than the packaging and outer appearance.
  • Currently, Missha has more than 600 beauty products ranging from cosmetics, nails, body care, skin care, body care, and accessories. It is one true brand offers a wide range of products for lower price.
  • Missha is known for its state-of-are technology where it uses natural plant extract as its primary ingredient. Before releasing to the market, each product is required to go through allergy testing and many other standard tests. Missha does not only stop there, it is constantly refining and improving its products by making more research and development in order to produce the best products.
  • Missha learn to improve itself by giving importance to customer feedback, critique and commentary on whether the customers are truly satisfied with its products. Through this way, Missha does not only have constant engagement with the consumers, but it values customer’s opinion and cater more products based on customers’ needs and demands.

Products of Missha

Cosmetics – We don’t use cosmetics to make us look pretty but we use them to give us that little extra confidence in ourselves. Make up enhances your natural beauty and that is what Missha gives you – shine out your inner confidence and beauty. Missha has a wide range of cosmetics to give you the flawless look such as Missha Gel Eyeliner, The Style 4D Mascara, Colour Fix Eye Primer and many more.

Skin Care – Radiant and glowing skin is what everybody wants. However to achieve that can be a little difficult. With today’s harsh and constantly changing weather, drinking 8 glasses of water is not enough anymore. We should use high quality skin care products to ensure that our skin’s health is properly maintained. Missha skin care products include Brown Sugar Facial Scrub, Super Aqua Deep Hydro Cream, Near Skin Egg White Pack and lots more.

Body Care – Imagine how it be if everyday you wake up to a beautiful, nourished and glowing skin. Well, with Missha’s body care range, it would not just be an imagination anymore. Our body care products such as shower cream and skin moisturizer keep your skin moisturised, soft and supple all day long. With Missha to count on, there would not be flaky and dry skin problem anymore!

Nails – Every now and then, you would appreciate the importance of colourful nails in your life. It is every girl’s dream come true to have a colourful collection of nail polishes. Missha does not only give you the chance to paint your nails, but also to keep them healthy with its products such as the Style Real nail Gel and the Style Lucid Nail Polish.

Accessories – Missha also provides all kind of beauty accessories. Thus, you wouldn’t have the trouble to hunt for the best accessories anymore such as make up brushes, shower ball, shaving razor and many more.

Buy Missha at iprice Singapore Now

Now that you know what an amazing brand Missha is, we are sure that you wouldn’t want to waste any more time in getting Missha’s beauty products right away. With all its effective and affordable products such as skin care, body care, nails and many more, Missha is the people’s choice of one true brand that you can count one anytime and anywhere. Here at iprice Singapore, you can get all the beauty products that you need with a few clicks of button. Happy shopping!