Living in a tropical country with hot and humid weather, air conditioners may be the best option to keep your living space cool. But, that comes at a price - expensive electric bill. Using a fan can save you some electric cost and provide good air circulation. Mistral fans are both energy-efficient and super affordable, hence the brand has become the top choice among Singaporeans when it comes to choosing air-moving products. Find out which Mistral fans are available in Singapore below!


Everything You Need to Know About Mistral Fan Singapore

About Mistral: Where is Mistral brand from?

Originally founded as a box fan in Australia in 1968, Mistral has a wide influence across countries in Asia. Upon seeing the brand’s credibility and strong position in the Singaporean market, Khind acquired the brand in 2001. Since then, the brand has further cemented its brand recognition in the country with the introduction of various electronic appliances including fans, rice cookers, freezers, electric kettles, air conditioners, and more.

Are Mistral fans good?

All Mistral fans come equipped with efficient eco-friendly and energy-saving DC motors, contributing to less energy consumption. As a company that cares for the environment by minimising carbon footprints, Mistral guarantees a long lifespan for its fans. The most eco-friendly elements in Mistral fans are built-in-eco mode functions and energy-saving features, which enable the fans to consume as minimal electricity as possible. Here’s our recommendation of some of the best fans in Singapore including Mistral tower fan and stand fan:

  • Mistral MSF1678 Standing Fan: Low price but high quality, 2-year warranty and 8-year warranty for motor, excellent air circulation
  • Mistral MSF1679R 16 Stand Fan: Noiseless air circulation, 5 blades, LED display, 4 fan modes, remote control with 3 speed options and 7.5 hours timer, guard ring with clip, 2-year warranty and 8-year warranty for the motor.
  • Mistral MFD440R Tower Fan: Built-in ionizer to purify the air, 6 speed and mode options, 80-degree left-right oscillation, 1-year warranty
  • Mistral MFD4880R Remote Tower Fan: Powerful and stable, 120-degree left-right oscillation, touch control panel, LED display, auto-save memory, remote control with 6 speed options, 3 wind modes, 12 hours timer, detachable guard, 3-year warranty for motor, 1-year warranty for labour and parts
  • Mistral MHV90 Air Circulator Fan: Lightweight and portable, keeps the room cool in a few minutes, hassle-free cleaning, 1-year warranty

How do you clean a Mistral fan?

Before cleaning a Mistral fan, make sure that the fan stops running and the plug is detached from the power outlet. Use a vacuum brush or dust brush to sweep away the dust on the blades of a stand fan or the grill of a tower fan. Then, use a warm damp cloth to wipe the blades of the stand fan.

When cleaning the inner part of a tower fan, remove the screws and the back case gently. After that, use a vacuum cleaner attached with a dust brush to remove any debris and dust on the microblades. Assemble the parts accordingly when the cleaning process is done.