Besides manufacturing air conditioners and air purifiers, Mitsubishi Electric is also renowned for its top-notch refrigerators that can keep your food fresh while standing the test of time. From two-door to multiple-drawer refrigerators, find out the best Mitsubishi refrigerators as vouched for by consumers below!

What are the best Mitsubishi refrigerators? | What is the best month to buy a refrigerator?


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Mitsubishi Electric Singapore: Best Mitsubishi Fridge For Families

Mitsubishi Fridge (3-Door) MR-V45EG

Comprising three major compartments that help to segregate your groceries and food nicely, this 343-litre refrigerator is capacious for a small family of 3 to 5. This 3-door Mitsubishi refrigerator is equipped with a multi air flowing system that ensures consistent air circulation to keep perishables from farm-produced crops and raw food to proteins and meats fresh. Even with its exceptional performance and great features, such as anti-bacterial food liner, LED-based vitamin factory, and filter deodoriser, this refrigerator is priced affordably, delivering the most value for money.

Mitsubishi Multi Drawer Fridge MR-WX500C

One of the sleekest designs ever released by Mitsubishi, this 500-litre French-door refrigerator is made up of 4 shelves and 1 fresh produce storage drawer, making storing perishables versatile and easy. Despite featuring a high-efficiency inverter drive compressor, this product runs in a quiet mode. Furthermore, its shallow double doors are great for small kitchens with limited space as they don’t block the kitchen access. Certified with a 4-star energy rating, this one consumes less electricity as compared to many refrigerators out there; hence it is bound to help save some electricity cost.

Mitsubishi Top Mount Fridge MR-560EK-SB-A

Slightly more spacious than the Multi Drawer Fridge MR-WX500C, this top mount fridge has massive 560-litre storage, made up of 4 shelves and 1 fresh produce storage drawer. This refrigerator can accommodate food for a family of 5 and more people. The shelving is adjustable, so it provides flexibility in arranging food packed in large containers such as a tall cake. The large freezer on the top has 3 large ice cube trays along with a container to store ice cubes.

What is the best month to buy a refrigerator?

The best time to buy a new refrigerator is during the spring season, or more specifically, March through May. This is because most manufacturers release their new models in the summer, so they tend to have a refrigerator sale before that to clear out their old stocks. Alternatively, be on the lookout for any Refrigerator Singapore Sale that takes place annually on e-marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee where refrigerators are sold at a heavily discounted price.

Apart from refrigerators, check out other electronic products and kitchen appliances by Mitsubishi Electric Singapore, including air conditioners, fans, home improvement products, lighting supplies, water purifiers, and various others!