Mizuno is a famous sports wear company that started in Japan in 1906. The company began with selling western sundry products, but a century later Mizuno in Singapore became an established and well-known sports brand globally. They produce a lot of high quality and reliable sport equipment and apparel for consumers as well as professional sportsmen. Learn more about Mizuno in Singapore below.


Everything you Need to Know About Mizuno in Singapore

Founder of the brand Richachi Mizuno was inspired by witnessing his very first baseball match. He was so fascinated by the sport that he decided to venture into the sports industry. Along with his brother, they started the MIZUNO Brothers Ltd in 1906. The brand initially sold western sundries as well as baseballs. Little did he know that 100 years down the line, a brand that started out with only western sundries would be a world leader in manufacturing sports equipment that changed the whole course of history. They have one of the widest range of sports equipment and sportswear for golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball, football, running, rugby, skiing, cycling, judo, table tennis, badminton, boxing, and athletics. Read on to learn more about the brand.

Name in the Japanese Records

During their 30th anniversary, Mizuno started manufacturing gliders under the theme of “Sports: from land to sea and sky”. This glider in just a few years placed themselves in the Japanese record for height and time aloft for a glider. As a forefront of the sporting goods industry, Mizuno was known for creating customized gloves for major league baseball players, and thanks to this, the number of professional baseball players using Mizuno equipment during their game grew.

Sponsorship with Athletes

As a sign of growth, Mizuno established their very first American factory in Los Angeles in 1961. Down the road, they even signed sponsorship deals with some of the biggest figures in the sports industry like track and fields athlete, Carl Lewis, the ALL Blacks rugby team, 49ers quarterback, Joe Montana, Manu Samoa Rugby team, Czech tennis player, Ivan Lendi and golf player Nick Faldo. Today, this game-changing brand pushes people to reach beyond their limit and encourages people through their love for sports to make this world a better place.

Making the world a better place through sports with their technology

Mizuno has been making a change in this world for more than a decade. As if their products were not good enough, when they introduced the Mizuno Wave Technology in 1997, the brand’s running shoes began running up the ladder of elite innovation. This technology was merged into many of their athletic shoes, from baseball to softball to volleyball and even the gold shoes. But what is this great technology? Mizuno Wave Technology is simply a way of designing the midsole of the shoe. Because of their wavy shape and structure, the midsole is able to spread the strength of their shoes’ impact against the ground more evenly. It not only reduces the wear of your shoes but also gives cushion to your feet, allowing you to stay active for a longer time. The midsole also provides superior arch support that helps in promoting superior motion control in every step that you take. There are a total of five different Mizuno Wave Plates, each serving their own purpose.

The different types of Mizuno Wave Plates are:

  • Parallel Wave - disperses shock evenly through the midsole of your shoe for both cushioning and stability
  • Fan Wave - Designed with waves of different height that enhances stability and cushioning
  • Double Wave - features a “double fan-shaped” wave structure that maximizes motion control.
  • Composite Wave - infuses different materials to offer ultimate cushioning and stability to specific parts of your feet.
  • Skeleton Wave – Places two wave on top of each other with soft cushioning in-between that offers the best shock absorption.
  • Zigzag Wave – Offers multi-directional support and cushioning for sports that require lots of lateral movement.

Promoting the love of sports

Take your golf experience to the next level with the MP-54 Iron from Mizuno. Packed with game improvement performance, this modern, classic stick is created through an infusion of Computer Aided Design and traditional craftsmanship. It performs like a blade and delivers exceptional distance control across the range. This iron is extremely easy to work with, particularly left to right, helped by modified hosel blend that creates the illusion of less effort. With the classic Mizuno clubhead design, get the best out of your golf experience with the MP-54.

Eco-friendly Manufacturing

One of the most important issues shared by humankind is the conservation of global environment which Mizuno greatly understands. For over 20 years, Mizuno has worked to facilitate the effective use of resources and reduce the environmental load by cutting C02 emissions and environmental pollutants. In an effort to make all the products eco-friendly, they have also established their Mizuno Green Grade that has its own criteria for the certification of eco-friendly products.

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