Life is hard enough to keep track so what better to keep yourself organized with a collection of aesthetically pleasing stationery? Moleskine Singapore offers journals, sketchbooks, and planners with a modern silhouette that will fit with any kind of lifestyle. Find out more about Moleskine Singapore below.

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Let your Artistic Juices Flow with these Products from Moleskine Singapore

Moleskine is a stationery brand that originated in Milan, Italy in 1997. The brand’s aim was to bring back the classic notebooks and stationery that were used by legendary artists like van Gogh, Hemingway, Picasso, and more. The traditional notebook from Moleskine Singapore includes the black notebook with ivory paper and rounded corners that resembles the old notebooks made by French bookbinders in the 19th to 20th centuries.

Moleskine Planners

A sturdy, high-quality planner is necessary for all busy bees; if you have a lot on your plate whether it’s school, work, or side projects, consider on getting yourself a planner from Moleskine Singapore. The brand offers planners for daily, weekly, and monthly activities as well as limited edition planners with different themes. If you’re a big fan of Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, or Peanuts, you should consider on getting these Moleskine planners.

Moleskine Notebooks

Writing on your notebooks is a great to keep track of your goals, ideas, or just your passing thoughts. If you’re consistent with your writing, not only you can improve your writing skill and collect memories that you can reflect when the years have passed. Aside from planners, Moleskine Singapore also has notebooks that will fit all of your uninterrupted thoughts. The Moleskine notebooks come in many types including your basic Journals, Classic Notebooks, the Pro Collection, Art Collection, Limited Edition notebooks, and other special notebooks.

The limited-edition Moleskine notebooks include designs that feature Bradley Theodore, Snow White, Star Wars, Maneki Neko, The Rolling Stones, and more. The pro and art collections, on the other hand, feature specialized notebooks for your foodies, jetsetters, painters, etc.


This collection from Moleskine Singapore combines the technological innovations with the brand’s signature aesthetics. The Moleskin+ collection offers the Smart Writing Set, Smart Notebooks, and the corresponding apps that you can download and pair with your Moleskin+ products.

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set connects your Moleskine notebooks with your smartphone through the Moleskine special pen. The Moleskine Pen+ smartpen is able to scan and recognize the surface that it’s used on and acts like a traditional writing utensil by following every stroke closely. The dotted Moleskine Paper Tablet seamlessly transfers everything that you’ve written or sketched with the smartpen to your smartphones or tablets. With the Moleskine Swart Writing Set, no more going through the hassle of scanning your works from paper to screen.

Moleskine Accessories

Other than notebooks, planners, and smart stationery, Moleskine Singapore still offers traditional writing tools and other miscellaneous accessories. The pens and pencils from Moleskine can be easily matched with your notebooks in terms of aesthetics and designs due to their modernity and functionality.

Besides writing tools, Moleskine accessories include bags like backpacks, laptop bags, and trolleys, travel pouches, book lights, smartphone cases, tablet cases, as well as bags and cases for your laptops. The designs of these miscellaneous accessories from Moleskin Singapore comes in a similar design that preserves the traditional Italian silhouette while introducing modern and minimalistic elements.

Moleskine Books

By books, Moleskine refers to novels and guides of an eclectic collection of artists, authors, designers, and architects. In these books, these creative minds share their process when making their respective forms of art and how useful the process of creating with your own hands is. The published series include the Hand of the Graphic Artist, Process in Architect, and The Hand of the Designer, all featuring the top works of various professionals.

The Moleskine Community

As a brand, Moleskine Singapore is highly revered by creative communities all over the world. Both amateurs and professionals gather in in the Moleskine community, named MyMoleskine, to post their creations and to inspire other creators. They share their creations through social media platforms and blogs as well as Moleskine’s own forum where they can interact directly with the brand’s representatives.

If sharing your creations on MyMoleskine is not enough to inspire you with your artistic endeavors, Moleskine has cafés where all kinds of artists can meet up, share their ideas, and create bigger and better things. The Moleskine Café is located in Milan, Beijing, and Geneve but the brand is planning to open more cafes in other big cities throughout the world.

It may seem like the items from Moleskine Singapore are targeted towards artists but everyone can start getting their life on track with the help of Moleskine stationery. If you’re looking for quality yet simple stationery, then Moleskine notebooks, planners, journals, and the brand’s other products will be perfect for you.