Sometimes all you need to get through the day is a good pair of headphones and your favourite tracks. Are you an audiophile? Or maybe you just want something affordable? Read on to find what Monster appliances suit your preferences.


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Choosing the Right Pair of Headphones

No matter where you’ll be using them, at home or at work, on the train or on the street, there are a lot of things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right pair of headphones for you. Especially if you don’t want to fall into the trap of getting super cheap ones that break down after a few weeks of use. Treat yourself and invest in a good pair of headphones, and make sure to pick a pair that you won’t just love but is quality too.

In-Ear or Over-Ear?

Headphones come in many different sizes and styles, and depending on how they fit when you wear them, the sound and your comfort will be different. Most headphones can be sorted into two broad categories, in-ear and over-ear. Both of them have their own merits, and which you choose will depend on things like the type of music you listen to and where you will likely be using the headphones.

Pros and Cons of In-Ear Headphones

Also known as earbuds or earphones, in-ear headphones go into your ear when you listen to music. They generally sit straight into the bowels of your ears.

Pros – As in-ear headphones are a great deal lighter and much more portable than over-ear headphones, they are great for those who are constantly on the move. And also for those that don’t want big, bulky headphones.

Cons – After an extended period of wearing them, they can get uncomfortable. Not only that, they also have a tendency to fall out of ears easily, which is one of the biggest reasons that no one goes for them. Also, the quality of in-ear headphones are often questionable, with many people with the impression that getting expensive in-ear headphones isn’t really worth it.

Pros and Cons of Over-Ear Headphones

These are headphones that cover the whole ear or part of your ear. Generally more expensive than in-ear headphones, many people favor over-ear headphones.

Pros – Very comfortable, if they cover your whole ear, and most over-ear headphones are better constructed than in-ear ones. Ideal for gaming and DJ use. Most doctors prefer it when you use over-ear headphones, as there are fewer chances of eardrum damage.

Cons – Over-ear headphones are usually very bulky and most of them are not portable at all. And some of them can be uncomfortable, especially if you wear glasses or have piercings.

What Features are You Looking For?

Aside from the comfort depending on whether you go for in-ear or over-ear, most headphones come with special features. Some of the common features to be found in headphones are:

Noise Cancellation

Headphones with noise cancellation are usually more expensive than those without it, but some people might find it to be worth it. As the name implies, headphones with noise cancellation manage to cancel noise by sampling the noise around them and then playing the inverted version of that sound. This will cancel out the noise and give you the effect of noise cancellation.

Sound Isolation

Different from noise cancellation headphones, sound or noise isolation headphones are like the cheap man’s noise cancellation headphones. By isolating sound, it means that they block out the outside noise by physically sealing your ears either in or out. Not as effective as noise cancellation headphones, they are nonetheless preferred as they are much cheaper.

Wireless Headset

For those who prefer to keep things wire and hands-free. With the creation of Bluetooth, wireless headphones are more and more popular, letting you play music and answer calls wirelessly, without having to touch your phone. But wireless headphones have some problems. Such as the battery life, where charging them might become a nuisance, and of course, the sound quality might not be as high as cabled headphones.

Read Online Reviews!

Keep in mind though that the general rule of thumb for any consumer product is the higher quality, the more expensive it will be. So it is usually a good idea to test out headphones when you can in the shop, or if you’re planning on buying online, reading online reviews to have some firsthand accounts on the headphones quality. Online reviews are incredibly useful, as they give you many people's different opinions, and you can find out things that you otherwise might not have noticed.

Why Choose Monster Headphones

With over 6,000 different products, such as headphones, speakers, televisions, gaming consoles, and surge protectors, Monster is one of the biggest manufacturers of consumer electronics in the world. Best known for their Monster cable and audio related products, Monster produces the best of the best when it comes to sound. But aside from that, Monster is also famous worldwide for their attention to innovation and design, leading to some of the best headphones to be found in the industry.

So why not go for a pair of Beats by Dre or Monster DNA headphones? Both of which are outfitted with Monsters trademark Monster speaker cable.