This Japanese retail store relies on simple design and advertising to attract customers. With its minimalistic design, MUJI Singapore urges the customers to appreciate simplicity and functionality. All you need to know about this Japanese retailer and its product prices can be found below.

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All You Need to Know About MUJI Singapore

Muji has been around for over 20 years, and since its conception, customers have praised its minimalist approach seen in all their products. It carries an array of items ranging from food to automotive. In Southeast Asia itself, Muji has opened more than 50 flagship stores.

Why Minimal Aesthetic Pushed MUJI Singapore into Worldwide Recognition

Do you know that there are a group of people who call themselves “Mujirers”? Mujirers are basically customers who are loyal to the brand and would purchase every kind of product from Muji to fill their homes. These Mujirers prove that Muji has become a household name to be reckoned with. Here are some of the reasons why Muji’s design and straightforward products became customers’ favourites throughout the world.

No frills, all function

Customers would sometimes get attracted to goods with appealing packaging and empty promises. However, more often than not, those products will not meet the promises they made, and their quality will decrease over time. With minimal design, Muji urges its customers to focus on the product quality instead of the packaging. Other than that, the simplicity of the products allows customers from any background and all walks of life to understand its functionality.

Value for your money

Because of its design and no-brand policy, Muji’s prices are affordable. Muji wants the customers to pay solely for the product and not the packaging. The materials that Muji uses also plays a big part in the affordability of its goods. Muji prefers to use unfinished, raw, and natural materials like linen, unbleached cotton, bare metals, and rattan. These materials are not only cheap but have longer shelf lives. Your Muji items will probably withstand the test of time because it doesn’t follow fleeting trends; hence they are long-lasting and durable for years to come.


Although Muji stores can be found in nearly all major cities in the world, the Japanese company still retains some of its exclusivity by limiting marketing and advertising. You will unlikely see a big billboard ad telling you why and where to buy Muji products. The no-brand policy makes Muji seem exclusive; only those who have heard about their products will be able to purchase it. And because of its simplicity, Muji goods appeal to a specific demographic that looks for under-the-radar brands to appear unique and elite.

Strong brand identity

Muji is usually private about any collaborations or manufacturing details. Perhaps this is to maintain the exclusivity discussed above, but maybe also to keep the focus on the products rather than on the behind-the-scenes facts. Muji rarely promotes their collaborations because if they do, it means they are trying to create a “brand” or a name for the company. However, some collaborations have been publicized, like their partnership with Germany’s oldest furniture-maker, Thonet, and industrial designers Naoto Fukasawa and Sam Hecht. Although Muji items do not have any brand name printed on it, one can distinguish its items from any other brands.

The Best Items You Can Get From MUJI Singapore

Muji has many divisions, including Muji florist, home furnishing, campsite, café, and restaurant. However, the classic retail items are still favourites among customers. The following are just some of Muji’s best-selling items in Japan and beyond.

  • Muji storage – Some of the best-selling Muji storage includes clear acrylic shelves and boxes.
  • Muji stationery – Muji notebooks, gel ink pens, and the arch binders are some of their top stationery.
  • Muji skincare – Muji has a line of skin care products that include the Light Toning Water, Moisturizing Milk, and Mild Cleansing Oil.
  • Muji bags – People would often come to Muji to purchase their travel bags and accessories because they’re durable, and you can fit many items inside.
  • Muji interior – One of the top-selling furniture from the Muji Home & Living line is the Felt Grey Sofabed that can quickly be unfolded, dry-cleaned, is compact, and comfortable to be slept on.

Can you order online from MUJI?

Absolutely! Aside from MUJI outlets, you can order products from MUJI online store at Browse a wide range of MUJI items from storage furniture and mattresses to fashionwear and household supplies. There is definitely an item for everyone when shopping with MUJI.

Does Muji do delivery?

Yes, as long as you order furniture from MUJI Singapore online, free delivery will be provided for orders worth at least S$350. Orders below S$350 will incur a delivery charge of S$30. All MUJI items will be shipped to your doorstep within 5 working days from the date of order confirmation. For any delivery or online shopping inquiries, contact MUJI’s customer service at from Monday to Friday between 8.30 pm and 5.30 pm.