Bringing home baby is an exciting yet overwhelming experience especially if you’re first time parents. Worry not as Munchkin Singapore has you covered with their large array of baby products for travelling, feeding, bath time and so on. Read on to know more about the essential baby items you should get below!

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A guide to newborn essentials with Munchkin Singapore

Generally, babies only require a few items such as a place to sleep, diapers, a baby car seat, basic clothing, and formula milk. Although a baby’s needs are simple, it does not mean yours are. Munchkin Singapore offers a variety of baby products that will vastly improve the way you care for your child. Here’s a list of the essentials items for your baby.

Baby clothing

There is nothing more obvious than getting baby clothes for your little one. Nonetheless, sizes for the baby clothing may vary among brands. Thus, it is advisable to look for clothes that provides a guideline for the weight or height. This is so that, you are able to find the ones that best fit your baby. Babies grow very quickly, so make sure you have a couple of outfits a size up. As your child is growing, ensure the everyday wear is soft, roomy, and durable so that it allows them to move and explore.


Your baby will go through a lot of diapers in a day, so it is important to plan accordingly. Purchasing disposables are a trial and error as there are certain types that may irritate your baby’s skin. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a small pack. Munchkin Singapore has a range of diapering items that will make travelling much easier such as the scented diaper bags, diaper organizer, and wet wipes to clean up any mess efficiently.

Baby gear

Allow your little one to snuggle close to you with a baby carrier which also allow you to have two free hands to do other things. It is recommended to look for one that can be easily cleaned. If you are purchasing online such as with Munchkin, simply read the details of the washing instructions. Another essential baby gear is the stroller as it is the simplest way to take your baby out and about. When you choose a stroller, do think about your specific needs such as storage space, reclining seats, etc. Knowing how to choose the right one can make your life a lot easier. Other than that, a safe car seat is compulsory. Most baby car seats can last for a good 5 to 8 years, but there are chances that it will not meet the current safety guidelines. Majority of the baby car seats produce have an expiration date label.


Babies need to be fed a lot of times throughout the day, so to ensure that your child feels comfortable while they are being fed, it is recommended to get them a nursing or feeding pillow. On the other hand, it can ease the feeding process by preventing any strain on the shoulders or neck. Moreover, it helps to keep your baby in position compared to regular pillows. As for the feeding bottles, newborns usually only need 4-ounce of milk. But as they grow older, an 8-ounce bottle would be recommended. You will need at least as many nipple latches as the bottles. Muchkin has a variety of nipple latches in different shapes and sizes that are BPA free.

Depending on your personal preference, there are baby bottles made with different materials which are glass, stainless steel, and plastic. There have been concerns of BPA in plastic bottles, but in the recent years the plastic bottles do not contain any BPA, such as those made by Munchkin. For those mummies who opt not to breastfeed, there are plenty of formula options in the market these days. Munchkin offers a range of formula dispensers that will be beneficial particularly if you’re travelling with your little one.

Once your child is ready for solid food, there are certain feeding necessities that will make the transition easier. First and foremost, a highchair with a tray is the most basic feeding need for your child. This type of chair is simple to clean and portable as well.

There are a few essential feeding utensils such as bowls, baby spoon, and sippy cups that are needed. Baby bowls with suction cups on the bottom can be simply stuck to the tray so that they won’t be easily flung to the floor. It is advisable to look for spoons that are rubber-tipped or made of plastic so that it will be easier on your baby’s gums as well as small enough to fit comfortably into their little mouth. Sippy cups with handles will be easy for your baby to drink from and won’t spill so easily when knocked over.