Mustela Singapore has a wide selection of skin care products that are free from harmful chemicals ranging from baby oils, moisturizers to shampoos and stretch mark removers. Scroll down to view our Mustela products or click here to know more about the brand and why you should choose Mustela.

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Mustela Singapore - Skin Care for Baby and Mommy

There’s nothing that defines a mother’s love more than pregnancy. Being an expectant mother, you know you want what’s best for you and your baby, and Mustela Singapore might just have what you are looking for. From skin care products such as baby oils, moisturizers, shampoos, to pregnancy essentials such as stretch marks and bust support creams, you can be sure that your skin is well taken cared of during this delicate stage in life.

Expert skin science with Mustela Singapore

Mustela was first established in 1950 by Paul Berthome, creating new and dermatologically-recommended products for infants and expectant mothers. The brand boasts its wide array of baby and mommy products that alleviate and improve skin health. Knowing the sensitivity of a pregnant mother and a baby’s skin, the brand incorporates natural extracts, and essential oils with 0% parabens on each of their products. Rigorous clinical research is also done to guarantee the safety of all products. For more than 65 years, the brand has been impacting lives of parents across the globe with 50 of their products, everyday, along with the Mustela Foundation which aims to support skin care research, promote education and infant health with field projects centered on the positive treatment of children. Mustela Singapore is one of Expanscience Laboratories’ most popular brand along with Noviderm.

About Expanscience Laboratories

Expansicience Laboratories is a French pharmaceutical company established in 1950 by Paul Berthome and Claude Gillon. It centers it’s attention to improving their products from dermo-cosmetics, rheumatology, and dental health. With over 950 employees, the company devotes its effort on research and development of products using organic raw materials using green chemistry or the natural extraction of plant oils, minimizing hazardous byproducts.

Why choose Mustela Singapore

  1. Mustela guarantees all-natural ingredients with 0% parabens on all their products. Each product contains an average of 92% all-natural extracts from plant life. Avocado, sunflower, lupin, shea, and aloe are just some of the plants that Mustela uses.
  2. Countless clinical testing and research has been done before each product is available on the shelves to ensure safety and effectiveness. You and your baby’s safety is a priority for Mustela Singapore.
  3. With over 65 years of industry experience, Mustela Singapore knows what’s best for you and your baby’s skin. Their one of a kind dermatological expertise, guarantees safe and effective products.

Mustela products for infants and expectant mothers

The best thing about Mustela Singapore is that they have available products, not only for babies but for mothers as well. You won’t have to worry about your baby’s rashes, irritations, dry or sun-damaged skin with these great baby and mommy products from Mustela Singapore. So if you are an expecting mother, here are great Mustela products that you should have:

Mustela skin care products for babies

  • Mustela Massage Oil
  • Mustela Dermo-soothing baby wipes
  • Mustela Gentle baby soap with Cold Cream
  • Mustela tear-free Baby Shampoo
  • Mustela Vitamin barrier cream

Mustela skin care products for mothers

Mother’s too have their fair share of skin care problems, before and after pregnancy. Among the most common skin conditions are sagging skin and stretch marks. Dry skin has also been noticed among pregnant women, so make sure you grab these great Mustela products!

  • Mustela Stretch
  • Marks Care oil
  • Mustela Specific
  • Support bust
  • Mustela Body Firming Gel
  • Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Balm
  • Mustela Light Legs Gel

Mustela Singapore - Chemicals to avoid during pregnancy

When pregnant, the female body has natural responses to avoid harmful chemicals to ensure the baby’s growth and development inside the womb. This explains why pregnant women tend to be picky with their food, as well as a heightened sense of smell - a response that protects both the fetus and the mother from consuming toxic materials. It’s a whole new story when it comes to skin care products since these chemicals are hardly detectable. When looking for skin care treatments, always look out for these chemicals in the ingredient section of the bottle:

  • Toulene
  • Thioglycolic acid
  • Retinol
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Hydroquinone
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dihydroxyacetone
  • Diethonalamine
  • Chemical sunscreens
  • Beta hydroxy acids
  • Aluminum chloride hexahydrate

So when buying lotions, moisturizers, and creams, always make sure to look for these chemicals and avoid them as much as possible, especially when pregnant. Mustela guarantees 0% chemicals on all its mommy and baby products. You can rest your worries about accidentally using these harmful products with Mustela. When it comes to taking care of you and your baby’s skin, trust only the best; trust Mustella Singapore.

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