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Najjah Dayana Shawl S$ 23.90 Zalora
Najjah Khimar Siti Aisyah S$ 28.90 Zalora
Najjah Tudung Arissa S$ 25.90 Zalora
Najjah Dayana Shawl S$ 195.00 Zalora
Najjah Shawl Sulam S$ 177.00 Zalora
Najjah Khimar Siti Aisyah S$ 28.90 Zalora
Najjah Khimar Siti Aisyah S$ 28.90 Zalora
Najjah Tudung Poket Xxxl S$ 28.90 Zalora
Najjah Tudung Poket Xxxl S$ 28.90 Zalora
Najjah Tudung Shaheera S$ 21.90 Zalora
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Najjah Dayana Shawl

Available in Zalora S$ 23.90 Go to Shop

Buy Najjah Muslimah Attires, Head Scarves and more at iprice Singapore

What is one common thing between all the great civilizations found on Earth? Yes, you are indeed right! It is culture and it is the only element that can bring up a good and civilized nation. Culture brings people together and make them think alike. Culture unites people and make one to think wisely. Culture also suggests modesty in no matter what you do and most importantly, what you wear. Greatness of our culture is what you could experience the moment you put on a head scarf or a blouse from Najjah. With Najjah all that you see is purely elegance and poise.

Najjah Singapore Prices

Najjah has a wide range of clothing for such as pants, dresses, cardigans and scarves. Najjah's Muslimah attires are perfect for all women of different sizes and age. That is why this brand is loved by everyone that wants poise and grace. The pricing ranges from RM 79.00 onwards.

About Najjah

Najjah is founded with only one aim and that is to design clothes that are simple yet stylish and affordable Muslimah attires that fit the Islamic criteria. Till today, Najjah stood by its aim faithfully and it has definitely done a great job. Some of the women out there might find it hard to find clothes that are not long enough or transparent enough to cover themselves. The contemporary Muslimah attires are made especially for these women and if you ever find a woman walking with Najjah on, you would definitely know the true meaning of beauty.

Najjah Social Media

Najjah is what exactly our culture represents. That is why it is important to expose Najjah to the people out there. Thus Najjah has turned to the social media for a better and faster effect. Now you can find Najjah on Facebook and learn more about it. Besides that, you can also follow Najjah on Instagram to get instant updates on the latest products and amazing discounts!