Water is a precious resource, also something our body requires in order to be able to function properly. In order to not lose this precious commodity by accident, you will need a bottle that is leak proof and durable. We suggest that you have a look at Nalgene’s awesomely cool products below in order to find a bottle that would find that criteria! Click here to learn more about the brand.

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Nalgene Singapore: Staying Hydrated the Environmental-Friendly Way

Nalgene Singapore: From The Lab to The Woods

The brand’s first products were created by a New York chemist, Emanuel Goldberg, in 1949. His first ever product for the brand was a plastic pipette holder and that was how the popular BPA-free bottle manufacturer first started out. Over the years, Nalgene became known as the go-to brand for high quality, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment like centrifuge bottles, filter units and storage tanks. However, rumors begun floating around that scientists were using the smaller bottles for their outdoor adventures and excursions.

When Marsh Hyman, the president of Nalge Company (owner of the Nalgene brand), caught wind of the rumors in the 1970s, he was intrigued by the idea. What sealed the deal that turned Nalgene into a BPA-free bottle brand was when Marsh’s son, a Boy Scout, mentioned that the bottles were perfect for storing necessary items (like powdered drinks, water, shampoo, snacks, and matches). When Marsh Hyman heard this, he decided to rebrand and reinvent Nalgene’s lab bottles as a new line of high quality camping equipment and that is what made Nalgene the brand it is today.

Nalgene Singapore: Best Friend For Your Body

The brand is popular because of its BPA-free bottles as well as durability of said bottles. For those of you who may be wondering why is BPA-free important and how does hits affect people, we would like to take you on a brief historical journey. A scientific research team in the early 1990s accidentally discovered that bottles made from plastic contained BPA (also known as Bisphenol-A). The molecule was found to have estrogenic hormone-like properties that were found to be potentially harmful to the body. Of course when people found out about that, you can imagine the amount of concerns there were and how companies begun looking into BPA-free bottles.

Which is why Nalgene bottles are all BPA-free as the brand is all about creating bottles that would not endanger anyone’s health and life. Nalgene has many different lines of bottles that are made to cater to the specific needs of its customers. Take a look at the list of Nalgene bottles that we have compiled that may just tickle your fancy.

  • Nalgene OTG (on-the-go) bottles

    • A bike bottle that offers easy one-handed operation
    • Durable for active use
  • Nalgene OTF (on-the-fly) bottles

    • Based off the Nalgene OTG bottles
    • Comes with a locking bale to ensure bottle is leak proof
  • Nalgene Translucent bottles

    • Translucent bottles in various colours for your very own personalized bottle
    • Comes with either a narrow mouth or a wide mouth
  • Nalgene N-Gene bottles

    • Slim bottle that makes it easy and comfortable to hold
    • Bottle cap designed with handy loop to be easily grabbed
  • Nalgene Multidrink bottles

    • Comes with its very own straw
    • Wide mouth of easy cleaning
    • Has a leak proof lock

Nalgene Singapore: Drink Responsibly

Other than caring for your health, Nalgene is also passionate about the environment, finding ways to ensure that its bottles are not only friendly to humans but also to the environment. Not only that, the brand has teamed up with Brita (manufacturer of water filters and water filtration systems) to promote the importance of clean water. The Filter For Good pledge was created as a way for people to commit to reducing personal waste by giving up bottled water, even for just a few days each week. It is a way to encourage people to use reusable water bottles as well as using a water filter for their very own clean drinking water supply. Nalgene also has launched a couple of commemorative bottles to support this cause under their special the Filter For Good bottle line.

Nalgene Singapore: Stay Hydrated The Right Way

Choose Nalgene for the perfect bottle that would keep you company all day, every day. Shop for the best Nalgene bottles on iprice at affordable prices. If the array is not to your liking, then we recommend our array of products for Camelbak or Polar Bottles for your perusal.