Who says toys are only for kids? Nanoblocks are more than just toys, they're a hobby! Buy the latest Nanoblock collection and creation in Singapore! click here to find one!

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Nanoblocks in Singapore

Nanoblocks are small toy like construction products in a form of small blocks, which allows the creation of structures and models by literally putting these small blocks together. Nanoblocks the creator of these miniature building blocks has attracted the attention of different audience young and old alike.

Nanoblocks pretty have the same concept as Lego. It's a company that first started out in Japan back in October 2008. It was created by Kawada. Currently, it's highly displayed in Japan. Most stores and boutiques dedicate a generous amount of space to feature creations made of nanoblocks.

What are Nanoblocks?

Nanoblocks may be small piece of plastic shaped into a block, but it's actually tougher than it looks. It's made of high quality ABS plastic. At the same time, it is also environmentally friendly because the material used to color these blocks are soy ink instead of petroleum based products. Nanoblocks may seem like a replica of lego, but they're actually blocks that are finer, smaller and tougher. Allowing everyone to mold a more detailed curve on their creation.

Perfect Gift for Kids

Nanoblocks in Singapore are already puzzled together when sold. Unlike legos that you have to assemble yourself, Nanoblocks gets to help you skip that part. Their Nanoblocks are constructed mostly into animals, infrastructures, icons and the ever famous pokemon.

Whether you're a kid, a hobbyist or you're simply looking for a gift to give to a friend who's young at heart, Nanoblocks could be the perfect toy to give for all seasons.