Looking for casual and lightweight shoes? Your search has finally come to an end with Native Shoes for men, women, and children. Click here to find out more about Native Shoes.


Be Casual and Fun With The Lightweight Native Shoes Singapore

“Finding love is like finding shoes. Sometimes, people go after the good looking ones but they end up choosing the one they feel comfortable with.” – Unknown

Having to choose between a great looking pair of shoes and a comfortable pair of shoes is definitely a pain. Sometimes, it is a little too hard to give up on any one of them. However, with Native Shoes, you don’t need to face the crossroad ever again. Bringing you the best of the both worlds – style and comfort, Native Shoes with no doubt scored a high point in making you and your feet happy and satisfied.

The Story of Native Singapore

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2009, Native Shoes focused in only one mission which is the creation of ‘Future Classic’ shoes that incorporates notable and casual material with the use of the top developing innovations. In line with the dream, Native finally proved its determination and hard work with the futuristic design and lightweight shoes for women, men, and children. Today, Native is a well-received brand in more than 45 nations around the globe. With Native’s imaginative, innovative and most importantly, lite shoes, this brand has all that it takes to stay at the top of the game for many more years to come.

Native Singapore: Being a Fun and Cool Adult

"Native Shoes makes lightweight and cushy shoes that are chic enough for brunch or the beach." – Celeste Moure

Why settle for something mundane when you have a better option? Native brings back the youth and the fun in your life. From boots, shoes to sandals, Native adds something spunky into your style. With bright hues and colourful prints, your days will never be plain again! Check out the collections from Native and we bet that you can’t resist having your hands on them.

Apollo Moc
Be futuristic with this future classic collection
Wander through the mysterious world with this wondrous collection.
Imagine walking while your feet are covered with only cotton and feathers. Well, this collection is all about shoes as light as a feather.
With Monaco Low which is a low cut shoe and Monaco Mid which rests at your ankle, this collection will be your latest addiction.
Apollo Rain
This hard-core shoe collection will never let you down even in rain and storm.
Are you the risk and adventure seeker? Take a curve or a bend in the risky road with the Rover collection.
Jimmy Winter
Enjoying the winter? This collection will complete your winter look while adding an impression of a professional ice breaker. How cool is that?
Put all your worries aside and take a stroll around the park with only Venice shoes to accompany you and in no time, everything will simply get better.
This is literally the best sandals in the world. Just put them on and your toe will tell you all about it.
Looking for a collection that screams a carefree billionaire style statement? Well, Howard is the ONE!
Take a day off for yourself, relax and take in all the goodness in the world with this ultra-modern flip-flop
This collection of boots is all that you need to be the next Jason Bourne in your neighbourhood.

Kids Love Native Too

How many of you out there have checked out celebrity kids and wish to style your child the same way? Well, it is common to want your kid to look and be the best and if you are finding for the perfect shoe to complete your kid’s look, then Native is your perfect solution. Do you know what’s great about Native? Besides all the glamorous style, Native provides the best protection and comfort for your kid’s tiny feet. As a parent, all that you would want for your child is to feel utmost comfort and luxury, and that are exactly what Native offers every time without fail. Native has a wide range of footwear for your kids with playful designs and cool colours that will definitely fit your child’s happy personality.

Apollo Moc
Let your kids wander into the future with this Future classics collection.
Just like Sinbad, Howard is all set to bring your kid to sail across the several seas
Encourage your child’s curiosity with this collection and let them wander on with their creative imagination.
Quite a rambunctious young sport
Kids love to play pranks around the house. Keep your mischievous genius safe and comfortable with Jefferson collection.
Your kid’s childhood is never complete without floating on a butterfly and swinging on a tree. Verona shoes will help your child to do every possible thing in this world.
Let your child explore the space and the vast celestial with Luna shoes.
Delight your child’s day with Venice and let them jump and roll with this amazing and playful collection.
With Jimmy Winter that introduces your child to the world of not-so-cold and Jimmy Puffy that is inspired by colourful marshmallow and daydreams, Jimmy collection is definitely a must-have.
Sid Boot
Add a little punk to your child’s wardrobe with Sid boots collection.

Native SingaporeKeeping You Ahead

“I live and breathe in my Natives. They’re super comfortable, totally lightweight, and the clean aesthetic works with any look. They're one of my favourite pairs.” – Landon Peoples

Native keeps you at the top of the style meter and at the same time providing you with the best protection for your feet. Life is just simply better with Native and you have to own one to experience it yourself. You can also check out other great footwear such as Adidas, Converse, Bensimon and more. Have fun shopping!