As one of the leading distributors of comfortable undergarments, bedding and home products, Nefful Singapore has become many Singaporean households’ top choice for a good quality of life. Browse our Nefful product catalogue comprising negative ions face mask, bedsheet, natural beautiful soap, and various others.


Nefful Singapore - Popular Nefful Products That Are Beneficial for Your Wellbeing

Neoron Dual Purpose Blanket

Made of 100% neoron, this blanket releases the effect of negative ionisation that helps to regulate the sleeper’s sleeping patterns and mood, reduce stress, and impede the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mould species that can potentially be detrimental to human health. Available in full and twin sizes, this blanket ensures a restful sleep for everyone.

Netful Eco-friendly Superb Natural Detergent

With only a small amount, this highly concentrated detergent’s powerful proteinic enzymes can break down dirt and grime easily, leaving your clothes fresh and clean. Its absence of nitrogen and fluorescent material also makes it environmental-friendly, which can otherwise cause damage to the ecosystem.

Negative Ions Rib Socks

Ever experienced discomfort from damp socks due to sweat absorption? Once you put on Nefful’s negative ions rib socks, you can bid farewell to other socks forever. Since these socks contain 32% Neoron and 32% cotton, they do great at sweat dispersion, keeping your feet dry and warm at all times.

Negative Ions Eye Mask

For those workaholics spending hours in front of their screen daily, this Nefful negative ions eye mask can provide support for your eye health and alleviate vision issues such as blurred vision, dark eye circles, eye floaters, watery eyes, and dry eyes ‒ just to name a few. Note that the eye mask should not come in contact with cream, ointment or skincare products. Wash it daily to remove dirt and bacteria, but avoid the use of hot water and ordinary detergent when cleaning it.

To learn more about how Neoron can benefit your health, go ahead and check it out on Nefful Singapore website.

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