Nerf offers exciting indoor and outdoor games for both young and old. From Nerf guns to Super Soakers, you can trust Nerf for plenty of fun, adventure awaits you as you browse Nerf's arsenal here.

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Nerf Slingfire Blaster S$ 19.41 Amazon
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Nerf Rough Blaster S$ 19.48 Lazada
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5 Nerf Gun Series You Must Have

Nerf is a line of foam-based products and toys that are invented and marketed by the toy giant Hasbro. As one of the most successful projectile-based toy brands ever produced, Nerf has made its way to Singapore, into our homes, and into our hearts. Although their foam blasters resemble realistic guns and have similar mechanisms in their functions, Hasbro refuses to refer to them as toy guns for safety and legal reasons – opting instead with the term Nerf Blasters.

Nerf began with very simple looking foam blasters and as the years went by, the designs and engineering developed further, looking more advanced with each lineup. Improved foam dart-shooting capabilities took these blasters to the next level. Today they cover a wide range of products including foam swords and shields, and foam balls.

Start With Nerf Blasters

Nerf blasters are simple toy guns which fire foam darts, discs or foam balls. They are officially named and described as Nerf blasters, but most people just refer to it as a Nerf gun. All Nerf guns are packaged with its foam ammunition (either darts, discs, or balls). Hasbro has designed several different types of darts with unique features as well, such as the whistling dart or the suction dart for smooth surfaces.

There are a few different sublines for Nerf blasters as well: The Nerf N-Strike, Nerf N-Strike Elite, Nerf Vortex, Dart Tag, Zombie Strike, Rebelle (aimed towards girls), and Doomlands.

Each Nerf blaster is designed to have specific features such as modular designs that can interchange parts from other blasters or upgrades from a blaster that uses double drum-type magazines as foam darts. Different shooting methods such as manual loading of individual darts or an automated flywheel allow for maximum creativity in every Nerf battle.

Nerf Super Soakers

If darts are not your usual fare, Nerf Super Soaker series will change your mind when you get splashed from head to toe! Each time you play with Nerf, you gain new experiences despite playing many times. Nerf loves to include everyone from all walks of life to play their game. 2013 is the year that Nerf launched their Nerf Rebelle product line and this is aiming at the girls. Not only that, the iconic Super Soaker series is also part of Nerf's successful line. The Super Soaker series is so successful that any toy pressurized water gun will be always be referred as "super soaker''. Here’s one Super Soaker you could try:

Nerf Soaker Barrage – 3 different water streams firing mode for you to choose, depending on your own preference! Your water blaster here contains 2.4 liters of water for crushing water firepower and you can make your water blast to reach 11.5 meters in distance mode!

Nerf Soaker Lightningstorm – This Super Soaker here holds a big 1.1-liter drum of water for your assault upon your enemies! Dominate your water fight with full auto power with the PowerSoaker Technology!

Nerf Zombie Strike Series

This series is one of the newest in Nerf’s lineup. Dorning striking green and black colours across each variant, the Zombie Strike series is perfect for shock-and-awe. The Nerf Zombie Strike Crossbow is considered the "Best Action Toy" in UK Toy Fair. Become the Zombie Hunter with this amazing crossbow! Load one of the powerful Zombie Strike darts and draw the string back so you're locked and loaded when you are hunting zombies!

Alternatively, get ready for good 'ol-fashioned one-handed reloading with the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire. This Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire gives you the ultimate zombie-hunting device with each shot.

Nerf N-Strike Elite

Sometimes hand-to-hand close combat is necessary. This is where the N-Strike Elite series comes in. Do you need more firepower? The Nerf Demolisher 2 In 1 is what you need! This Nerf Demolisher 2 In 1 gives you the solution to fire both Elite darts and Nerf missiles for the total destruction of your foes! Watch as your accuracy increases with each hit along with speed and a creative use of the limited space between your foes.

The N-Strike Elite also features varying sizes of bullets for each gun. Easily customizable, these machines make the perfect tools for a fun day in (and outdoors).

Nerf Rebelle

If you thought Nerf only makes blasters and soakers for boys and men, you thought wrong. Nerf Rebelle blasters are the first line for girls in action! Enter the Nerf Rebelle Messenger. Get a stylish delivery of your secret message in the form of darts up to 75 feet away. Each dart contains a secret message that can only be decoded by the decoder. A special pen hidden in the handle allows for the use of writing hidden messages on the dart. Once the message has been delivered, feel free to erase the previous one and write another new one.

Nerf Rebelle Mini Mischief – Surprise your foes with the concealable blaster for your sneaky operations! A mischievous compact blaster that you can hide in your purse, pocket or anywhere that your opponent would not expect.

The combination of these Nerf guns, be it blasters or super soakers, allow for maximum levels of fun with your mates and children. Be sure to get age-appropriate Nerf modules to ensure a higher level of safety.