NETGEAR is an American company that specializes in networking products and solutions for many homes and small businesses. Their networking devices are all reliable and provide a very consistent connection throughout the use of it. NETGEAR also the first company to release the world's fastest router. Read more here.


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NETGEAR Networking Solutions For You

Advancements in technology have improved a lot of our computer components and the way it stores our data and also the way we interact with the many information and media on the Internet. To access the Internet at much greater speeds and efficiency, many innovations and new technological inventions have to happen in order to provide the masses with the much needed networking infrastructure to do so. From these large structures, the networking equipment trickle down to a smaller scale that is the router, modems, and NAS (network attached storage) equipment commonly found in our homes and offices.

NETGEAR is one company that provides these networking solutions and equipment to smaller homes and offices. NETGEAR is an American global networking company that operates in in the retail and commercial segments as well as providing network services.

History of NETGEAR

NETGEAR was first incorporated in January 8, 1996 as a subsidiary of Bay Networks. NETGEAR began with a strong focus on providing networking solutions for homes and smaller businesses. Soon thereafter the company was acquired by another company as another wholly owned subsidiary to them. By February 2002 however, NETGEAR became a fully independent company. Their current headquarters are located in San Jose, California, with other regional offices in 25 other countries.

Since its inception, NETGEAR has always been in the networking industry. Their products are mainly sold through multiple sales channels worldwide: brick and mortar retailers, online retailers, wholesale distributors, direct market resellers, value added resellers, and of course broadband service providers. NETGEAR now maintains a strong presence in three geographic territories: the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific.

It is noteworthy to know that NETGEAR is not an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) company, but they do outsource some manufacturing processes of their products to other companies.

NETGEAR Products

NETGEAR specializes in networking products that are mainly targeted towards home and small businesses or office uses, and caters to producing solutions for networking needs. All of their products mainly utilize the many networking technologies that is commonly found in the world today: Wireless Wi-Fi and LTE, and wired Ethernet. When producing their networking products, NETGEAR aims to make them incredibly reliable as well as being very user friendly – as most of them are for common end users.


Routers are the other important half to your modem in a home or small business or office setting. What a router does essentially is that it passes on data packets (Internet information) from the modem and then to your computers and other devices either through a reliable wired connection or a fast wireless Wi-Fi connection. Although it is technically unnecessary if you just have a single computer running on internet, but that is hardly the situation in many places these days.

NETGEAR routers are all about that performance and speed – in fact, NETGEAR is the first networking company to introduce the world's fastest wireless router. It is a common thing these days that high speed internet is required. As our needs change, so does the requirement for Internet speeds and reliability of the connection. High performance NETGEAR routers such as the AC5300 Nighthawk X8 Tri-Band router constantly delivers these standards consistently. Even with their everyday home routers like the N300-WiFi Router delivers reliable connection.

NETGEAR Switches

A network switch or switching hub is a networking devices which links devices together on a network. This allows the many devices to share a common centralized local area network so that information or data can be transferred and communicated between the two devices more efficiently. It is different from a router: A network switch creates a network between devices; a router connects networks.

NETGEAR's networking switches are great for creating a personalized home and office network for all sorts of devices. Centralizing all of your devices with a personalized network allows you to create an efficient and safe work ecosystem for all of your data and employees in a business environment. You can even create a small network at home for something such as a local gaming party where data between your gaming machines can be communicated with one another with one another with little to no interruptions whatsoever. NETGEAR's network switches come in several different sizes with different capacities.


NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and it is basically a data storage device that is attached to a networking device or has networking capabilities built in for easy access of data. Network attached storage is commonly found in small offices and small businesses where a centralized data storage is required and necessary. This type of centralized storage is essential to providing an easy way for everyone in the company to access the data.

Network attached storage can also be used at home where it can act as a backup storage for all of your computers and devices. Storing your photographs and other forms of media on such a storage device can make it easy for every family member in the house to be able to easily access them as well.

If you are looking for networking solutions for your home or businesses, there is not quite any other company like NETGEAR that offers great reliability and value for networking products.