New Balance combines footwear innovation, ergonomics, and stylish designs to bring you the best sports and casual shoes you can find in the market. With its wide range of sportswear collection, their shoes are what makes New Balance one of the top brands today. To find out which New Balance shoes you should wear for different activities, read more about it below.


How to Pick Out the Right New Balance Shoes for Your Needs

With over 100 years of experience in the footwear business, it’s safe to say that New Balance carries some of the most high-performing, high-quality footwear and sports attire around. Its price point is worth it considering the technical innovations included in all their footwear. This is to ensure that all of the brand’s customers will get the ergonomic benefits without compromising the footwear’s practicality.

Factors to Pay Attention to Before Buying

When shopping for new shoes, people would often look at the aesthetic of the products first and the functionality second. Following your style preference when shopping is understandable but when it comes to sports footwear, you should always prioritize other, more important factors. There are three points you should pay attention to when buying new footwear: size, gait, and arch shape.

Size is crucial; your sports shoes should always fit you right without the probability of causing blisters or any sort of pain. If possible, always try on the shoes before buying them. A size 8 pair of sports shoes from one brand doesn’t always fit the same with another. Next, your gait and your feet position are also important. Some shoes provide support for those with overpronated or underpronated feet. Make sure your shoes give you comfort with your current feel alignment. Finally, you should know the shape of your arch. For instance, people with flat arches need special cushioning to give them the ultimate comfort while running. Some folks with flat feet would often need special orthopaedic soles and cushion to be able to exercise properly.

Types of New Balance Shoes


When it comes to running shoes, there are four different types that you can find in the market today: neutral, stability, motion control, and barefoot or minimalist running shoes. New Balance running shoes are available in each of these types. Neutral running shoes are people with neutral gaits and they often come with a little bit of cushioning. Stability running shoes are aimed towards people who tend to roll their feet inwards when running, also known as overpronation. Meanwhile, motion control running shoes are meant to be worn for flat-footed people with extreme overpronation. They are heavier than other types of running shoes because they offer the most support and cushion. Lastly, minimalist or barefoot running shoes have minimal to no cushion or support. They have little protection against the ground and are meant to mimic barefoot running.

Some of the best New Balance running shoes are New Balance 990v4, New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz, New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7, and New Balance 860v7.


New Balance trainers are targeted for all the gym lovers. From cross-fit to proper bodybuilding, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find a pair of training shoes from New Balance for all your gym needs. New Balance trainers have proper cushioning and stability features to provide protection for the feet and ankles. This is especially important for weightlifters and athletes. Besides that, the New Balance trainers are extremely versatile. Other than for bodybuilding and weightlifting, you can use them for fitness classes, aerobics, and a casual session of basketball, tennis, and other court sports. However, for any rigorous sessions of court activities, you should always look for specifically-designed trainers.

Among their many training shoes, the best New Balance trainers are New Balance 847v2, New Balance Hook and Loop 557, New Balance 1865, and New Balance 577.


New Balance doesn’t only manufacture sports footwear but also walking and leisurewear. Nevertheless, one would still need to consider a few things before purchasing a pair of walking shoes. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the cushioning and the soles. Determine which type of ground you’ll be walking on most frequently. Then, look at the cushion in the sneakers. Walking shoes typically don’t have as much cushioning compared to running or training shoes but they would still need to provide ample support. The last thing you need to think about is the flexibility and durability. If you have access to the shoes physically, try bending it forward and backwards. There should be moderate resistance when you’re bending the walking sneakers.

For walking and leisurewear, consider the following New Balance sneakers: New Balance Leather 928v3, New Balance 1865, New Balance 574 Core, and New Balance 247 Luxe.

What do the numbers mean on New Balance shoes?

Carrying the belief that no two shoes are alike, New Balance assigns numbers to all its sneakers indicating different facets of the shoes - gender, trainer type, and colourway. A typical pair of New Balance shoes usually come with a 6-7 digit code. Let’s break the code down into 3 parts. The first letter, either an ‘M’ or ‘W’ refers to the gender - men and women. This front part of the code can also appear in different variations, such as MR - Men’s Running, MT - Men’s Trail, U - Unisex, CM or CW - Custom Made for Collaboration.

The second part is the 4-digit model number, which can be further broken down into two parts. The first two digits of the model number as a whole refers to the level of performance; the higher the number, the more superior the technology and quality, hence comes with a higher price. On the other hand, the last two digits stand for the performance series.

Finally, the last 2-3 alphabets indicate the colourway or the nature of the shoes. For instance, BWG stands for Blue/White/Grey, while ST or MC signifies that the shoes are either stability or motion control shoes.

What does the V stand for in New Balance shoes?

If you come across the letter V in New Balance shoes, it represents the version number of the shoes. Some New Balance shoes have received style or feature upgrades, hence the brand releases multiple versions of the same model. A good case in point is the New Balance 860v7. Since this model has been released in 10 versions as of 2020, this name indicates that the 860 model is the 7th version.

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