From high-performance running shoes to stylish sneakers, New Balance boasts an impressive of gorgeous designs that will enhance your experience. When it comes to maintaining the right balance between performance and price, the New Balance sneakers are well-designed to reflect that. Read more about the best shoes from New Balance Singapore below.

What do the numbers mean in New Balance shoes? | What type of shoe is New Balance 574?


An Essential Guide to Best New Balance Shoes

New Balance is popular for making comfortable and powerful shoe designs. As a matter of fact, many people love New Balance running shoes because they maintain the perfect balance between price, quality, and performance. Here are the best sports shoes you can get from New Balance in Singapore:

New Balance M940V3

Perfect for minimalists, the New Balance M940V3 are ultra-lightweight. They also come with a low top arch. The energetic New Balance M940V3 running shoes are the design that is high on responsiveness and bounce. At the same time, their soles are just thick enough to protect your foot. Yet, they are incredibly light enough to feel weightless. When it comes to stability and comfort, the shoes perform their task well with their stabilizing overlays, 4mm drop, and a durable Vibram outsole.

The New Balance running shoes incorporate an antimicrobial feature that keeps the foot clean and dry. Thanks to their breathable upper construction, they offer good ventilation for the foot. This footwear represents a wonderful design with equally endearing qualities. They have been said to be the perfect choice for overpronators.

New Balance Leadville v3

Popular among runners, the New Balance Leadville v3 running shoes have been favoured for their great arch support and stability especially on tough terrains. They boast a strong outsole which is really strong and durable at the same time. Thanks to its versatile all-terrain outsole, you can hit the trails for a long time without having to replace your sneakers frequently. Since they are intended for off-road treks, they offer great comfort, stability, and support when hitting a trail.

With their comfortable foam sock liner, you can enjoy additional comfort and support. You will appreciate this New Balance Leadville v3 when you go for long, tough runs and trails. This pair of running shoes receive excellent feedback from runners who enjoy their quality and durability.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V2

The attractive New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V2 running shoes are available in a wide variety of bright, energising colourways. While they look minimalistic, they can surprise you with their powerful support and protection. In fact, you can even wear them for trail running, and they can transfer to the streets and tracks as well.

Fascinatingly, they are highly durable and can go through a variety of different terrains without wearing down. Despite the fact that they are stable and supportive, they retain flexibility which can be rare amongst trail running shoes. Not just that, you also have their well-ventilated mesh upper which gives you extra comfort. As for running shoes, the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V2 shoes are ideal for trail running activities.

What do the numbers mean in New Balance shoes?

Carrying the belief that no two shoes are alike, New Balance assigns numbers to all its sneakers indicating different facets of the shoes - gender, trainer type, and colourway. A typical pair of New Balance sneakers generally comes with a 6-7 digit code.

The first letter, either an ‘M’ or ‘W’ refers to the gender - men and women. This front part of the code can also appear in different variations, such as MR - Men’s Running, MT - Men’s Trail, U - Unisex, CM or CW - Custom Made for Collaboration.

The second part is the 4-digit model number, which can be further broken down into two parts. The first two digits of the model number as a whole refer to the level of performance; the higher the number, the more superior the technology and quality, which is followed by a higher price tag. On the other hand, the last two digits stand for the performance series.

Finally, the last 2-3 alphabets indicate the colourway or the nature of the shoes. For instance, BWG stands for Blue/White/Grey, whereas ST or MC refers to either stability or motion control shoes.

What type of shoe is New Balance 574?

The classic New Balance 574 sneakers are versatile running shoes that can be worn for casual off-road running too. Lightweight and breathable, they are stylish enough for any casual occasions. On the other hand, the New Balance 574 Core sneakers are ideal for college students and adults who enjoy walking around regularly. Overall, the New Balance 574 range promises the ultimate comfort and style for everyone. The price of a pair of New Balance 574 shoes ranges from S$50.00 to S$353.00 in Singapore.

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