Nike Air Max. Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have surely come across this series that made history in the world of footwear. If you don't have one, you are sure to know someone who has a pair in their collection. So what is so great about this shoe? Click here to find out.

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Nike Air Max Singapore: Beating Boundaries, Changing Histories

Nike Air Max series: A celebration of a change

When the Air Max series was introduced to the mass crowd in 1987, it became a revolution. Unlike any other Nike series, the Air Max range was not only to be felt but the impact of the shoe could even be seen, a phenomena that amazed the Sneaker People. Over the years, the benefits for the Max Air became clearer to the wider audience as the technology advanced. Some of the more prominent ones that the shoe possesses are:

  • Lightweight-displaces heavier midsole materials, reducing the weight of the shoe without compromising on performance.
  • Versatile- suits every athlete’s exact specifications to maximize profit.
  • Cushioning-absorbs the force of the impact with the foot hits the ground, protecting the muscle, joints and tendons.
  • Durable-designed to provide cushioning up till the very end, until it wears out.

Nike Air Max Singapore: The best that were ever created

These are some of the shoes in the Nike Air Max series that blew people off with its style, design and its functionality.

  • Nike Air Max ’87 – The series made its debut with this shoe that threw athletes and just anyone else off their ground. When someone had a pair, oh did they flaunt it.
  • Nike Air Max ’90 – All eyes on this slightly larger Nike Air bag. The technology that plays with your sight begins to take form in this collection.
  • Nike Air Max ’95 – Always keeping your toes on the move and the Max Air moves into the forefront and becomes the forefront.
  • Nike Air Max ’97 – In this collection the future can be clearly seen as designers flirt with the possibilities of full-length Air.
  • Nike Air Max Plus-TN ’98 – was designed thanks to the unique global partnership between Nike and Foot Locker. The infusion of the cutting-edge technology from Nike and the futuristic styling from Foot Locker has made it THE most iconic trainer of all times.
  • Nike Air Max 360 ’06 - Nike again proved themselves to be the ultimate best when they created this brilliant collection, No Midsole, Just Air!

Nike Air Max Singapore: Created with performance in mind

With the Nike Air Max, you would be able to run an extra mile without realising just how much you have performed! Think of it as if you are walking on air, without any weight to pull you down. Get yours now only at iprice.