Nike is no doubt one of the world’s most popular sportswear brands. Among their many product lines, the Nike Flyknit has risen in popularity among athletes and non-athletes alike. Equipped with high-tech innovations, the Nike Flyknit should be your go-to sports shoes. Read more about the Nike shoes here.

Nike Flyknit Footwear
Nike Flyknit Shoes

Why You Should Choose Nike Flyknit in Singapore

The answer is simple; you should choose Nike Flyknit because they are lightweight and durable at the same time. It can make any type of movement easier, whether it be strenuous or casual. You can wear Nike Flyknit for literally any activities like running, training, basketball, football, soccer, and more.

The Nike Flyknit is also suitable for those experiencing overpronation or underpronation. Although they are not necessarily an orthopedic-approved footwear, the underfoot of the Nike Flyknit is springy and highly responsive. It can absorb even the harshest impact when you’re moving around so it protects the well-being of your bones, muscles, and overall feet.

What’s Nike Flyknit and How It Works

Nike Flyknit’s main component is their durable and lightweight strands of yarn. Like the name suggests, the yarns are knitted together to provide a protective cover. The knitting pattern varies; certain areas have yarns that are closely knitted together while other areas feature yarns that are further apart. The latter helps provide more flexibility and breathability. The team at Nike observed more than 40 years’ worth of data on foot movement to figure out the knitting placement and its pattern.

Different Nike Flyknit Styles

To date, there are various Nike Flyknit series featuring different styles and designs. Among them are the Nike Flyknit Racer and Nike Flyknit Trainer. The Nike Flyknit Racer is versatile as it can be used for physical activities or for leisurewear. Launched in 2013, the Nike Flyknit Racer is available in various color combinations so no matter what your personal fashion style is, you can always pair your gym or casual outfits with the Nike Flyknit Racer.

On the other hand, the Nike Flyknit Trainer has a similar silhouette with the Nike Flyknit Racer. However, the most distinct difference between the two is that the Trainer provides more ventilation on the upper surface. The Nike Flyknit Trainer is more suitable for those who spend more time at the gym or exercising. Other styles include the Nike Flyknit Lunar, Nike Flyknit Air VaporMax, Nike Flyknit Dunk Low, Nike Flyknit Air Max Thea Ultra, and Nike Flyknit Air Zoom.

Top Nike Flyknit Collaborations

Just like top luxury brands out there, Nike Flyknit has also collaborated with other designer and brands to release exclusive sneakers for loyal customers. The collaborations include works with Comme des Garcon, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, HTM (Hiroshi, Tinker, Mark), Off-White, Supreme, and CLOT. These streetwear collaborations mean the Nike Flyknit should be your go-to no-frills shoes that you can pair with any kinds of outfits. Not only you can easily exercise, you can also look extremely chic and fashion-forward with these Nike Flyknit collaborations.