Nike is the biggest name in the world of shoes. Running shoes, in particular, is what Nike was built on. Here are some Nike running shoe series that should be in every runner's closet.


Nike Running Shoe Series that you should know about

Sports shoes are Nike’s most in-demand products, and there is a big reason why. Among the many things that make Nike popular is the quality of the brand’s merchandise. From clothing down to accessories, Nike Singapore’s products are made with high-quality materials, efficient and aesthetically-pleasing design, that is attractive to both athletes and casual wearers. The brand appeals to all age groups and demographics because of its unique design that is both trendy and comfortable.

Nike Air Force

Nike Air Force or better known as Air Force 1 or AF1, is the brand’s first basketball shoe under the Nike Air Technology and comes in low, mid, and high-top. The name is referenced to Air Force One - the aircraft that carries the President of the United States. Nike Air Force one is most popularly seen in white, though it comes in many different colorways. It also has many editions and is seen as a collector’s item for many shoe fanatics around the world.

Nike Free

If you are a big fan of minimalistic designs, then Nike Free would be the perfect shoe for you. Nike Free was first introduced in 2005 after Nike representatives observed sponsored track athletes training barefoot. Nike Free has a numbering system from 0 to 10 which indicates the level of cushioning; 0 being barefoot and 10 being normal running shoes. One tip for those who are planning to purchase Nike Free shoes: it is advisable to slowly break in the shoes first before going on long-distance runs.

Nike Air Max

A classic Nike design, Nike Air Max was first released in 1987 as one of Nike’s first line of shoes. The shoe features a large air cushioning unit at the sole which is prominent on all versions of the line. The Air Max series became a popular shoe choice, not only in the sports scene but also in many subcultures such as hiphop and gabber. Among the most in-demand models of Nike Air Max is the Air Max 90, Air Max 65, and Air Max 360.

Comfortable, easy on the eyes, and performance boosting, are just some of the many reasons why Nike sports shoes are popular, not only in Singapore but around the world. There are many Nike shoes that you can purchase online such the Air Max, the SBs, Nike Free, and Nike Air Force; which would be perfect for your active lifestyle. Nike sports shoes are also big with celebrities, but you don’t have to be a celebrity to have your own pair of Nike sports shoes!