Nissin is a company that exclusively produces camera flashes for the DSLR photography market. Their flashes are reliable and are also compatible with a wide range of DSLR brands. Because of their exclusivity, Nissin produces fantastic camera flashes with close to 50 years of experience. Read more here.


Nissin Digital Singapore

A Flash of Photography Life

Low light environments are one of the worse things in photography – if not the worst. It makes it hard for a lot of photographers and photography enthusiasts to capture their ideal shot. Most of the time for them to get the perfect shot, they will have to lug around a ton of accessories, such as tripods, bipods, flash stands, reflectors, diffusers, and what not. Although the same can be said about almost perfect shot, low light environments do make these shots a little bit more tricky.

One of the bad or worst things in low light photography is the noise that comes from the photograph after you have taken the shots. Noise, or image noise, are these random little distortions or brightness and color variation of information in a photograph. Older cameras suffer from image noise that stem from image grain in the films, whereas modern day digital cameras of today have electronic noise that comes from the sensor and the circuitry. It is most commonly found in shots that are taken in higher ISO and/or in low light environments.

So what can we do to reduce the amount of noise in our photographs? Beside the assistance of higher end premium cameras with superior sensors and technology, we can go back to the good old camera flash – it comes in all shapes and sizes, and with so many innovations, it will never have that washed out look if you do it right.

History of Nissin Digital

Nissin Digital is very well known for their digital camera flashes, and undoubtedly one of the leading manufacturers and brands of electronic camera flash units in Japan. Nissin has been in the industry market of camera flashes for almost 50 years and counting. And throughout the many years of operations until today, they have been able to consistently keep the great quality of their camera flashes to serve many photographers worldwide for their lighting needs.

Here's a brief and easy to understand timeline of Nissin Digital's history:

  • 1959: Nissin was founded.
  • 1967: The first professionally oriented flash for photographers is created: PRIMO.
  • 1987: The first Nissin dedicated auto focus flashes with the assistive red beam focus light is introduced.
  • 2007: Nissin group chairman, Mr. Chikara Goto, reorganizes DSLR flash unit developments and then leads Nissin to announce the launching of the Nissin Di622 flash with advanced digital TTL system.
  • 2008: The new Nissin Di466 and Universal Shoe Cord (SC-01) is developed and launched in ni the market.The Nissin Di866 Professional is also launched with an auto rotate color display interface.
  • 2010: Launch of the advanced Nissin Di622 Mark II, Ni866 Mark II for Sony, and the Ring Flash MF-18.

Nissin Digital has offices in Japan, Hong Kong, and China. Most of their products are also produced in their very own factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

Nissin Camera Flashes Singapore

If you have not already figured it out, Nissin Digital exclusively manufactures and produces anassortment of digital camera flashes. Their camera flashes are all made to the highest of standards to maintain a very consistent and reliable usage experience – the last thing you would want as a photographer is for your flashes to go bad on you during a photoshoot.

Nissin camera flashes also come compatible with many different DSLR cameras from a number of different brands. Almost all of their models are compatible with the many different types of cameras and brands out there, save for a few which may require certain firmware updates. Some of the camera flash settings and features are also inoperable by some camera brands, but may still generally work well as a normal flash gun.

Nissin Di466

The Nissin Di466 flash is dubbed a "convenient tool for digital SLR cameras" by Nissin themselves. And that is true in a lot of sense. The Nissin Di466 is a great entry level external flash for your DSLR cameras. Just clip it on, point, and shoot! It works great with a lot of DSLR cameras out there so you will never have to worry about compatibility issues.

Nissin Di866 Mark II

The king of it all, the Nissin Di866 Mark II flash is the flagship flash model of Nissin's product lineup. It is a larger flash gun with a lot of features and capabilities, assisting you to capture the perfect shot in all lighting environments with ease.

The Di866 Mark II has a quieter operation compared to a lot of other camera flashes. Its new transmission motor reduces the operating noise significantly. To have it even more responsive, Nissin has put in high sensitivity wireless sensors into the flash that increases its wireless operation distance to 25 meters, enabling you to perfectly setup your shot. It also comes with a lot of other features that work to enhance your photography experience even further such as a sub flash to give a fill-in flash while the main one is used to bounce light. Even the battery is easily loaded into the flash with little to no hassle.

If you are looking for great camera flashes for your DSLR to enhance your photography experience a little more, Nissin is the go to brand for all of your needs with their reliable flashes and powerful features.