Nokia is not only renowned for its durable handsets but also for its impressive array of accessories. If you need help in choosing the right accessories for your Nokia phone, here some points to keep in mind.


Tips for Choosing Nokia Accessories in Singapore

Phone accessories are essential for your Nokia handset to improve its functionality and usability. Not to mention, they enhance your phone’s style. If you don’t know what accessories go well with your handset, here are tips to get you started.

Cases and Phone Covers

Since you already splurged hundreds or thousands of bucks on a new Nokia smartphone, then why not spend just a little bit more on a case or phone cover to make sure it doesn’t get easily damaged or broken. Although newer smartphones come with a tougher build with some sporting a waterproof protection, they are high-end models that cost a lot. You don’t see these features on low-end models which are the vast majority of phones on the market. If you want to make sure you got a highly durable phone, first, check out if it has a damage test posted online. Or, you can just check its specifications and features on the product’s website. After you see one, that’s the time you will know if the smartphone really needs a case or phone cover.

Screen Protectors

There are many things to consider when choosing Nokia screen protectors such as the dimension, reflection and glare, and resistance against smudges and fingerprints.


One of the reasons why many users don’t want to use screen protectors is their added bulk. Although some protectors are slim, others increase the thickness and the weight of a handset. So, go for tempered glass protectors that don’t add hassle to use and most of them are hardly noticeable.

Reflection and Glare

Using the phone on a sunny weather or bright day makes it hard to use it. This is because a smartphone’s glass display glares and bounces light into the user’s view. The solution to this is to get a tempered glass screen with a glare-prepared reflection protection. They are effective at scattering light, reducing glare and reflection.

Resistance to smudges and fingerprints

If a phone doesn’t have the resistance to smudges and fingerprints, you may get reluctant to use it since you don’t want to leave any marks. Most smartphones these days sport an oleophobic coating which makes the display oil resistant and smooth. However, this wears off over time which is why a screen protector is required to protect its original screen. Make sure to get one that has an Oleophobic protector to keep its clear transparency and at the same time protect it from oils and moisture from your fingers.

Selfie Sticks

When buying a Nokia selfie stick, there are many things to consider such as compatibility, build, control and connectivity.


A selfie stick with a rubberized clamp or bracket is one of the most widely used variants. This is because it is very compatible with any device regardless of type, size, and weight. Aside from that, choose one that comes with an 180 degrees adjustability, allowing you take a wide range of selfies at various angles.


This feature is one of the things you should not overlook when buying a selfie stick. Of course, you would not want to use one that has a short-lived durability. Aside from that, make sure you select a model that is lightweight and easy to grip.